Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

So after some stress day for failing to get the JPN flight, I went solo to watch Resident Evil: After Life in 3D.

Yes, you can call me slowpoke but I did infact bought the tickets for RM16 at MBO, a quite new cinema complex which took me a 5 mins drive from home.

I can't complain due to the cinema was like uhmm.... let's see, 3 other person inside of it. Yup only 4 people watch that show. So i felt like it was my personal space, while conquering the center back with the best view you can get.

Okay, as for the storyline its very B rated which might hit C grade movie flick but barely survive due to the 3D and tried so hard to be an A rank movie but failed in someways.

I went into the screening with an expectation only to see the 3D technology, and I found that its much more better than bringing in a high expectation on the movie itself because in the end of the day it will not be enjoyable. So I'm going to emphasize more on the 3D aspect.

From this perspective, in 3D mode the movie scene is more sharper and crisp comparing to regular 2D screening I've watched. It feels more towards HD 3D. Further more there are many many scenes which are solely catered towards 3D e.g. the meadows, the time stopping, rain, some battle fights & and a few more details.

Personally anyone watching 2D, will be totally disappointed by such cinematic display on certain scene which only can be done justice on 3D.

But as for the 3D, I don't see much of significant effects on certain scene which supposed to be for 3D. But the best of the best scene is when battling it out with executioner. That scene really does shine out and show the true potential of 3D effect. The rest tried but was under par.

As for the story mode. I must say it is very spoofy, since this year feels like the year of the zombie. The producer might have some sense of humor which adds a little sprinkle of Left 4 Dead + Prison Break + Cold Fear + RE5 spoof fest. If you guys play tons of survival horror games, I'm sure you guys can spot it out.

The irony of Chris dressing up in a prisoner suit is also the actor from prison break and more to add to the spoof, they are stuck in a PRISON. Supporting actors which resembles Left 4 Dead and not to forget the ship scenes which reminds me of Cold Fear.

Oh and definitely there will be a sequel and for my prediction and you will hear it first only on, Sheva will be a male (photo related) on the next Resident Evil Franchise Movie :D
Till then... may the year of the zombie be fruitful :D next time Resident Evil : In the End (Yakuza Spoof)

Summary: Recommended to watch in 3D so go watch it in cinema, unless you got 3DHD at home so i suggest you to rent it in 3D format... Overall I'll give 6/10


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