Channel Sales Manager?!!??!

It is almost 3 years working in Dynatel Sdn Bhd . And suddenly I get to change from System Engineer to Channel Sales Manager.

At first I was like, Oh.. yeah... then WAIT WHAT?!?!?? anyway to cut long stories short, I'm so called got promoted. Before proceeding let me briefly explain what does my company do.

Company Background:-
DYNATEL SDN BHD is a locally incorporated company whose activities are inclined towards the information, communications and technology industry that is stimulating productivity and forming the main thrust for economic growth regionally and globally.

DYNATEL’s core business is in the provision of total integrated solutions to corporate users for their
voice, video and data information and communications needs, both within a local area as well as a wide area environment.

We believe in, and practice quality in every aspect of our work and strengthen our organizational management by investing in information technology and constantly upgrading our skills through the process of self-learning and participation in external training programs.

  • Establish since year 2000.
  • Specialized in Document Processing and Automation solution
  • Consist of versatile people with vast knowledge on Document Solutions
  • Presence in Asia

So in short we just providing solution like workflow, fax solution and not to forget DMS.

My first sales presentation for our fax solution is coming up on the 14th of October 2011 to one of the top corporate in Malaysia which acquires import and distribution rights to some of the best brands in the automobile industry. Oh boy I can't wait...


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