In the world of RIFT~~~

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog, not like anyone cares about it. Anyway during my absence was due to a MMORPG that I was playing since May this year till September 2011.

Yes I was so hooked up that, I've neglected my duties on posting news and what not.....

But what made me realized was that I've hit the end-game content over the 5 months and it was no longer a fun game to play. I've completed both end-game PVE and also PVP as far as your single player capabilities could offer. What really put me off is the content progression of the endgame raids. It only resets once a week, and there is only 3 20-man raids content. Considering the existing guild that I've joined only raid those 3 instance 3 days in a week.

Anyway goodbye RIFT since it was more of a chore to log into it and run guild raids which is taxing for both mentality and time.

I can't argue that,

- Yes it's a pretty well made MMO
- Yes it's a WoW Clone (pretty much a norm for more MMO's now of days.)
- Pretty much hectic and fun till you maxed out factions reputation, PVP ranking and fully geared with out guild raids.

So bon voyage RIFT. I'll just sit back chillax till Diablo III hits before the end of the world cometh. :D

Here is my other blog/tumblr which I've hooked up my journey from the start to the end of my game time in RIFT.


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