Common Relationship Problems

Something interesting i've stumbled upon as below:-

The biggest relationship mistake i see young men make is thinking that "women are this way" from all the stupid "forever alone", "hey aren't girls crazy, and "hey listen to this story about my crazy girlfriend" stories that float around.
Here's the straight scoop. There is a woman who will love playing video games with you. There is a woman who loves sports. Hell there is a woman who loves polka if that's what you're into. Don't get stuck in the trap of believing "what girls are like" and accepting someone who doesn't mesh with you based on this foolish common "knowledge".
If you don't want to be forced to watch sex and the city, find a woman who's not interested in sex and the city, or one who is but who respects that you aren't. Don't want to go shopping? Tell your woman or find one who doesn't want to drag you along.
Many of the problems i hear guys complaining about could be easily fixed by finding someone who actually shares their interested instead of the first hot body that catches their eye, or by putting their foot down at the beginning of the relationship. Don't pretend you like things you don't, don't go out of your way to pretend you're someone you're not, just be you and find someone who enjoys what you do.
I think this is the secret to happiness in relationships.

The biggest relationship mistake I see young women make is thinking that "men will become the way I want" from all the stupid romantic comedies and TV dramas that float around.
Here's the straight scoop. There is a man who will fulfill your dreams. If the guy you're with isn't that man at this moment, then he will never be. Stop stringing him along and holding him to your standards. Even if he starts doing the things you want him to, he will resent you for only appreciating how you define him, not how he defines himself. And you will be unsatisfied that he caved and made the changes to keep you, rather than because he's a self-respecting, confident man who knows who he is.
Many of the problems I hear girls complaining about could be easily fixed by finding someone who actually does the things that she wants him to do, rather than pretending that her guy will do them some day... eventually. Stop trying to mold your man into something he's not. If you can't appreciate him the way he is break up with him. Do the both of you a favor and stop wasting his time. Then focus on finding someone who already fits the mold.
In essence, respect yourself for who you are, and respect the one you're with for who she/he is.
I think this is the secret to happiness in relationships.

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Guys are generally driven by logic and thus try to "fix" any problems in a logical manner. We are all emotion driven creatures. Yes men too. But trying to tackle something illogical as love in a logical manner usually results in undesirable results.

An example of this is when say your SO is having a bad day. She tells you about how her friend is backstabbing her or her parents are being unfair. A guy would take the "if you don't want to get wet, don't go out in the rain" approach. Meaning guys would say something like, "Well don't hang out with that friend anymore, or your parents are right not being unfair". Whether or not it's the truth is irrelevant. Girls don't tell you about their problems because they want solutions, but rather a person that will listen to them and take their side. This is something that took me a long time to get. You can discuss after the emotions have cooled down (days after) to say something like, "You don't need friends like that" or "maybe your parents had a good point". But when they tell you something, just be a good listener and take their side. Don't try to "fix" it. Just listen.

It's been said many times here, but communication is the key. Never assume anything. Don't try to read between the lines, because often, those are made up in your head. Every time I assume something, I remember this: Assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME. I know in my 9 year relationship, we both could have saved a lot of heartache and strife if we just communicated better.


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