FREE Heroes of the Storm Close Beta Keys!!

Blizzard sent me an email today and here it goes :-

Some of you may have been duking it out for weeks now in the Nexus while others of you may be brand new to Heroes of the Storm™. For the new players, to show our appreciation of your early Reaper of Souls purchase, you will notice that Valla will be unlocked and ready for use when you log in. To further show our appreciation, we are including 4 beta keys for you to invite your friends and complete your team.

Once you’ve selected your recruits, send them one of the beta keys below and have them go to There they’ll be able to enter their key and jump straight into the action.

THATS RIGHT I GOT 4 CLOSED BETA KEYS for HoTS, contact me while stock last!!!! peace..
been trying it on and off for a week .. and i did made some recording of my newbie skills...


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