Why do people smoke. Lets see... release stress? "the in-thing"? machoness ? habits ? This are all the implication we can think off. Being once where I was one too, as an experience, it's a little of all those mention mixed like a little cocktail.

Yes, indeed it's blatantly bad for health, but what make a smoker ticks? Even with government enforcing by stamping those hideous pictures of the affect of inhaling 4000 different kinds chemicals. This does not stop a smoker to put a stick into their mouth for a puff.

A smoker told me "that picture is bullcrap, people has been smoking for ages and dont see any drastic affect as to the picture preaches" I highly agree to that too, the picture is just too much to warn off smokers.

anyway there isn't any end to this dilemma but for those who are curious to try it. the a piece of advice, don't get hooked on it.


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