2 mill concurrent viewers watch new game on Twitch

Valorant hands-on: The tactics of Counter-Strike meet the hero ...
The free-to-play first-person shooter game "Valorant" broke Twitch records, with nearly 2 million concurrent viewers watching streams of the game. The game is currently in closed beta, as of this week, and the only way to get into that closed beta right now is through "drops" or by watching various streamers on Twitch with drops enabled, connecting Riot Games account to their Twitch account. The fact that popular streamers are hyping the game has certainly had a major effect, as well as the fact that several professional esports players have already jumped ship from their current games to go pro in "Valorant." "Valorant" isn't just about shooting — it's about carefully, tactically covering your angles, and working with teammates to make sure they've got your back, and vice versa. It's also about using each character's unique abilities to those ends.



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