Alipay’s app showcases COVID-hit Wuhan merchants

Alipay changes life - Yuting Sun - Medium
To boost local merchants in the Covid-19 hit Wuhan, Alipay has set up a special section, visible from the landing page of the Alipay app, to allow the platform’s 900 million users to easily locate merchants and their respective products and services in Wuhan. The section allows orders to be placed directly via the Alipay app for local specialty produce, and also enables users to access livestreams of tourist destinations across the city as it begins to open back up. While initially focused on Wuhan, Alipay plans to roll out the initiatives across China. Merchants can also use Alipay to apply for loans offered by the “Zero Contact” campaign jointly launched by MYbank and 100 banks in China. MYbank will waive interest rates for 360,000 offline micro merchants in Wuhan for the first month and cut interest rates by 20% for Hubei merchants outside of the city.


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