Dating app offers a 3D ‘Virtual Quarantine’

Five Tips for Safe Online Dating | Psychology Today Singapore
Dating site Moonit, is offering its “Immersive Virtual Dating” features for free until May 30. These fun, high-tech cyber environments give lonely singles more than one way to connect on a flirtatious, lighthearted, and even deep emotional level. Users can Play “Hot or Not,” or meet up for virtual dates in a 3D museum or nightclub. There are themed chat-rooms, voice chat, and video chat inside Moonit. And the most exciting part is the 3D dating aspect. You can have a ‘Street Date’ in your hometown, or travel across the globe to the Eiffel tower and meet your match. Moonit also has 3D games, so you can tic-tac-toe your way to love. The site’s Quarantine Features allow users to “Take off the Mask” metaphorically and physically where you can chat, hear, and see your matches — virtually and safely.


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