Tesco enables click & collect orders via WhatsApp

Tesco Offers WhatsApp-Based Personal Shopper Service | Lowyat.NET

Customers can now get Tesco staff to do their grocery shopping on their behalf, using the hypermarket’s Order & Collect service. The service enables customers to send their shopping list to the store via WhatsApp, which will then be fulfilled by a personal shopper. According to the FAQ, orders can only be placed for essential groceries and fresh items due to limited resources at the stores. In the event a product is unavailable, the personal shoppers will contact customers to offer a suitable substitution.
Tesco lets you place orders via WhatsApp and collect the same day
Customers may accept or reject the substitution. After completing the order, the personal shopper will send back an estimated collection time and personalised barcode for the total price via WhatsApp. Using the personalised barcode, customers can pay for the items at a dedicated checkout using cash, e-wallet, credit or debit card. Customers are required to pick up their order within 30 minutes of the collection time.



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