CIMB unveils online-to-branch account opening process

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CIMB Bank Bhd and CIMB Islamic Bank Bhd (CIMB) have introduced two digital-first solutions for customers — an online-to-branch account opening process for individual banking customers, and the Biz Financing Portal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These paperless solutions are aimed at making CIMB’s banking offerings more accessible, providing safety and convenience by leveraging digital capabilities to enhance the customer experience. Individual customers are now able to submit their application, to open a current or savings account, online via CIMB’s new online-tobranch account opening process. Customers can pre-fill an account opening e-form on CIMB’s website to initiate the process.

The portal will enable SME customers to upload documents and submit loan applications entirely online, providing convenience by eliminating the need to visit a branch. Complementing CIMB’s Biz Financing Portal is the Amazing Customer Experience (“ACE”) productivity tool for the Bank’s Relationship Managers (“RMs”), that enables them to submit loan applications from commercial customers for processing online. The mobile productivity tool is equipped with optical character recognition (“OCR”) and natural language processing (“NLP”) capabilities for robotic process automation (“RPA”), allowing RMs to extract data securely and efficiently to autofill required details. This cuts processing time by reducing manual data entry and automating loan processing. Clients will also receive automatic notifications on their application status, ensuring full transparency.


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