Installing Boom POW! on linux

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Here is a quick guide on how to install BOOM POW on a linux machine (recommended ubuntu 18 and above). 

I'll explain whats BOOM POW after the guide.

remember always to perform an update
sudo get-apt update

next make sure your python 3.6.7 or higher
python3 --version

next we install the required packages to run the scripts 
sudo apt-get install git ocl-icd-libopencl1 python3-pip

let the package install.... and once done, lets clone the git 
git clone

we can now go to the boompow/client folder
cd boompow/client

once inside the main folder we can call the pip3 update
pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt
finally we can now set up the server let create a new screen session called server for easy reference
screen -S server

you will notice the whole console will be cleared up to double check if you have done this correctly, you can check it using the command below
screen -ls

once confirm you are in a screen session called server, we can run the server 
(do check ./bin/linux/nano-work-server --help for information on how to select your GPU or CPU)
sudo ./bin/linux/nano-work-server --gpu 0:0 -l
the command above will select your default GPU, but the screen below for my nix doesn't have GPU, so I will use the CPU threads. (to check your CPU thread you can use the lscpu command)

once you see "Ready to receive requests." you have successfully deployed the work server. Congratulations. 

on to the next step, detached from the current screen session by pressing CTRL + A and D
you will return to your previous mumbo jumbo screen.

now create a new screen session 
screen -S client

you can reconfirm again by know if your terminal has been cleared or using the screen -ls to verify the screen you are attached to.

now its time to run the client
(Check the client configuration options with python3 --help)

python3 --payout YOUR_BANANO_ADDRESS --work {ondemand,precache,any}
for the example below I've used my command with my wallet id
sudo python3 --payout ban_3k678z5xmyc3sitayf4614ai9wx6uxswxdf3i5r8dzrpo57fdsx5x6fw613b --work any --async_mode --limit-logging

if ran successful, you will have the terminal looking as above. Remember to CTL + A and D to detach before logging off the terminal.

So what is BOOM POW?
BoomPoW (bPow) is a peel of the Distributed Proof of Work System (DPoW). The aim is to provide reliable, fast proof of work to not only BANANO apps and services, but also to NANO apps and services.

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Think of BoomPoW as a “broker” of PoW. For example if Kalium needs to make a transaction it will request a PoW from BoomPoW — BoomPoW will then request it from the connected contributors and return the solution back to Kalium once it is complete. The contributor gets paid a small amount of BANANO for his service and the process repeats.

How do I Earn Banano?
Similar to mining, the PoW solution is random. Because PoW is random everybody who is connected to the BoomPoW network regardless of processing power has a chance to win some calculations, therefore earning BANANO. However, higher end processors (primarily GPUs) can guess faster which means they will statistically win more calculations, therefore earning more BANANO. Remember, a guess is referring to a hash calculation, so guessing faster is simply referring to how fast a computer can calculate hashes — traditional mining currencies generally refer to this as the hash rate.

There will be periodic bonuses paid to long-term, reliable contributors regardless of their hash rate. These will be announced as they occur.

The default Instructions for setting up a BoomPoW client and contributing on Windows / Mac are available HERE. If you need further assistance, you can get support on Discord in #frankensteins-lab.
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What the FORK is BANANO?
Banano is a 4th generation fungible & edible cryptocurrency with a cool yellow logo and particles.js background. Our team is top-notch and the project advisors are by a moonshot best in the business.



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