These apps could become the next TikTok

 How TikTok Became The Music Industry's New Fame Machine - Rolling ...

• Triller is very similar to TikTok, though it focuses more on AI-guided editing tools and is integrated more closely with the music industry: a result of its star-studded group of investors, which includes Snoop Dogg and Eminem.

Triller video app offers TikTok alternative | Fox Business

 • Clash Video: Clash is a halfway house app, with videos no longer than 21 seconds, but includes a raft of similarities to TikTok: The for You page equivalent is called ‘Now Serving’. However, it steps away from the idea that users would want to use music in the background of their videos, instead relying solely on original audio that the poster includes while recording the video. 

Clash Video short-video app signs up 200k users in its first week

• Byte: Byte has seen a resurgence and is currently sitting second on many App Store charts. It’s been embraced by Alt TikTok (a collection of users who tend to post oddball videos that are layered full of in-jokes), who have adopted the app because of its long lineage back to Vine and the origins of short form video, and the quirky spirit of comedy that original Vine creators and Alt TikTok share.

Byte, a 6-Second Looping Video App, Launches on iOS and Android ...

 • Instagram Reels: Facebook-owned Instagram has a new product "Reels" launching across some of TikTok’s biggest markets. Reels working within Instagram, and allowing users to create 15-second, looped videos. There is a tab in explore that leads to a feed of Reels content, much like TikTok’s “For You” page.

Instagram Stories launches TikTok clone Reels in Brazil | TechCrunch


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