ev.io changelog August Recap

Here are all the changes made for the month of August 2022

ForgeableSum — 08/31/2022
  • Added sniper/shotty mode (temporary)
  • Removed swords only mode
  • Fixed several exploits related to NFTs and earning
  • Fixed rarity tier earn bonus not in effect
  • Spectator now sees more info about the player (e.g. sprint bar, weapon and ammo counts)
  • Added korean translation
  • In the profile screen, when you hover over an item, the rarity tier will show at the top
  • The earnings panel in the top-right now goes out 2 decimals
  • Reduced bot respawn time from 15 to 10 sec

ForgeableSum — 08/30/2022
* deploying a fix now which should reduce the number of times the game inexplicably freezes

ForgeableSum — 08/30/2022
* deploying now: fixed randomly incorrect teams in deathmatch tourney mode

ForgeableSum — 08/29/2022
* reset weekly LB

ForgeableSum — 08/26/2022
Bots have a respawn time
this change didn't go into effect on the last release so it's being deployed now

ForgeableSum — 08/26/2022
some small treats from your friendly neighborhood game developer @jbs 
Restored flash to the original (this time for real)

Improved the weapon switching animation 

Aim assists now have a different sound

ForgeableSum — 08/24/2022
* reverted the accidental flash change
* reverted Ancient, Bishop and Fractal having team spawns in tourney mode. might take some time for this change to take into effect

ForgeableSum — 08/24/2022
  • Added swords-only game mode (temporary). The speed is also doubled!
  • You can now earn from Ev.io Sword NFTs (the first edition of which was minted on Magic Eden)
  • Characters holding swords have improved animations
  • Added support for Coinbase Wallet
  • Improvements to the profile UI, including being able to equip/distinguish NFTs of the same name
  • Added team spawns to Ancient, Bishop and Fractal. Team spawns will only work in tourney mode. 
  • Now the earn percentage for each asset appears in the lenders profile screen as well as the borrowers
  • You now get an achievement notification and 10 score (and a proportionate amount of e) for an assist! An assist occurs when you don't get the final shot but but do damage to someone within 5 seconds of them dying.
  • Estimated SOL earnings now appears on the scoreboard at the end of each game (you must enable "Show SOL earning estimate at the end of each game" in settings.
  • Fixed some ui issues with capture the flag
  • Fixed gliding animation not showing when you jump into a teleporter in BR
  • Re-added the dance music (type /dance in the chat) and fixed audio issues with multiple players dancing near each other at the same time
  • Fixed issue of the profile image not changing in certain areas (such as the scoreboard) when you change skins
  • Fixed tourney mode allowing you to see unpublished maps submitted by the community
  • Fixed the bot game option not working when creating private games for LTS
  • Fixed spectators affecting player spawns
  • Bots have a respawn time
  • Fixed the sprint graphic repeating and not taking up the full height of the screen
  • You can now change the # of kills to win the game in TDM in tourney mode (10 kill minimum)
  • The earn panel will no longer show in cinematic mode

ForgeableSum — 08/23/2022
per this community vote https://discord.com/channels/784837981718446080/784840596006109274/1011006599856398406

@Kawecki 22 upgraded the look of Titus' sword 🙂 

ForgeableSum — 08/22/2022
* reset weekly LBS

ForgeableSum — 08/15/2022
* reset weekly LBs

ForgeableSum — 08/12/2022
^^ above failed to deploy yesterday and is re-deploying now. in addition, we added a fix for being able to capture a flag by switching through your weapons

ForgeableSum — 08/10/2022
* deploying now (servers will restart): countermeasures to bot farming including bot auto-leveling (get stronger each time they die) and no longer spawning near the flag in CTF 

ForgeableSum — 08/09/2022
lend interface now accepts a user id

sakkkki — 08/08/2022
Fixed lending not working on newly acquired NFTs.

ForgeableSum — 08/08/2022
reset weekly LB. Some LBs might take some time to update due to caching. will be monitoring to assure everything reset properly this week

ForgeableSum — 08/06/2022
we've heard your cries and added a promo section for youtube content creators. the section won't always appear (sometimes the twitch feed appears).
this time around, we chose a brycent and wolfman games video. if you have a video you think deservers to be promoted, ping @ghoodsite .

ForgeableSum — 08/04/2022
@sakkkki fixed the randomly unequipping items. if you're still experiencing the issue, let us know


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