ev.io changelog v1.4.5

Added swords-only game mode (temporary). The speed is also doubled!

You can now earn from Ev.io Sword NFTs (the first edition of which was minted on Magic Eden)

Characters holding swords have improved animations

Added support for Coinbase Wallet

Improvements to the profile UI, including being able to equip/distinguish NFTs of the same name

Added team spawns to Ancient, Bishop and Fractal. Team spawns will only work in tourney mode. 

Now the earn percentage for each asset appears in the lenders profile screen as well as the borrowers

You now get an achievement notification and 10 score (and a proportionate amount of e) for an assist! An assist occurs when you don't get the final shot but but do damage to someone within 5 seconds of them dying.

Estimated SOL earnings now appears on the scoreboard at the end of each game (you must enable "Show SOL earning estimate at the end of each game" in settings.

Fixed some ui issues with capture the flag

Fixed gliding animation not showing when you jump into a teleporter in BR

Re-added the dance music (type /dance in the chat) and fixed audio issues with multiple players dancing near each other at the same time

Fixed issue of the profile image not changing in certain areas (such as the scoreboard) when you change skins

Fixed tourney mode allowing you to see unpublished maps submitted by the community

Fixed the bot game option not working when creating private games for LTS

Fixed spectators affecting player spawns

Bots have a respawn time

Fixed the sprint graphic repeating and not taking up the full height of the screen

You can now change the # of kills to win the game in TDM in tourney mode (10 kill minimum)

The earn panel will no longer show in cinematic mode