ev.io changelog September 2022 recap

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Here are all the changes made for the month of September 2022

ForgeableSum — 09/30/2022

* updated https://explorer.ev.io/ to show the special editions

ForgeableSum — 09/27/2022

* added "earned this week" to https://ev.io/lend

ForgeableSum — 09/26/2022

  • increased rewards for BR from 70 to 100
  • ad rewards decreased from 20 to 10
  • new images for all the default skins
  • added the following fields which appear on user profile pages and via the data api: coins earned this week, coins earned this week as scholar and coins earned this week from scholars
  • fixed an issue which would caused all the sounds to play at once when you first enter a game

ForgeableSum — 09/23/2022

you can now see the amount of e you have on your profile page. by go to ev.io/user when logged in. the amount displayed here is the actual amount. there appear to be ui bugs which show an incorrect amount under certain circumstances

ForgeableSum — 09/23/2022

you now get this message if you try to watch a rewarded ad with adblocker on

ForgeableSum — 09/21/2022

* parties should be fixed now, lemme know if otherwise

ForgeableSum — 09/20/2022

* sniper shotgun earnings cut in half (too easy to get kills, so we did this to put it on par with the other game modes)

ForgeableSum — 09/18/2022

* added ui mods

ForgeableSum — 09/16/2022

* showing ads for guests and scholars but not for NFT holders. Equipping an NFT you own should disable ads 

ForgeableSum — 09/16/2022

* deployed some performance improvements related to rendering and UI

ForgeableSum — 09/16/2022

* implemented a possible fix for some sounds not firing when they should. also, sounds should sound better

ForgeableSum — 09/12/2022

* this missed the patch notes but it was deployed in one of the most recent releases:

spectators are no longer counted when auto-assigning teams in TDM

ForgeableSum — 09/11/2022

* disabled bullet impact wall/floor/ceiling sound as it made the audio too messy

* added new icons for the e to SOL conversion screen, courtesy of @elialol

ForgeableSum — 09/10/2022

deploying now: @elialol redesigned the animated logo at the load screen in PNG format (the old SVG format wasn't great for cross-browser compatibility). Made it cleaner and added some nice touches as well. 

ForgeableSum — 09/10/2022

patch incoming (servers will restart):


  • Fixed lenders receiving as much as 2/3rds less in some scenarios
  • Fixed the zombies t-posing in survival
  • You no longer earn e if you leave a game early (stats tracking is the same)
  • Small UI improvements, such as a drop shadow behind the e icon for legibility
  • Text in the chat is now grayed out from previous games

ForgeableSum — 09/09/2022

* fixed the glide animation in BR

* fixed sometimes your gun model not updating in the game when you change equipped NFTs

ForgeableSum — 09/08/2022

added "The Lab" to DM + Team DM + Sniper Shotty public rotation. "The Lab" is the first community-submitted map to see public rotation. Congrats @【X】

ForgeableSum — 09/07/2022

* removed frostbite from rotation

ForgeableSum — 09/05/2022

* reset weekly LBs

ForgeableSum — 09/03/2022

* made the scoreboard less ugly

ForgeableSum — 09/03/2022

Rotation back in rotation for DM + Sniper/Shotty mode. Thumbs down this if you think it was a bad decision.

ForgeableSum — 09/03/2022


  • Main menu music is now playing for guests
  • Added UI improvements submitted by the community via the design contest. We took some of the  best tweaks from the top 3 submissions.
  • Improved wallet connect/disconnect UI
  • Fixed not being able to look around in Safari
  • Items now appear sorted in the correct order at the profile 
  • screen: common, rare, epic, then legendary.
  • Performance improvements related to wallet sync

ForgeableSum — 09/03/2022

* you no longer get booted from the menu when a new game loads in the background


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