name: Jeremy

age: it changes each year

birthdate: october 31st. just like halloweens!!! excitement. my heart. whatever.

location: selangor, malaysia. you know america right? well... not there.

audio: mauro picotto, marco v, paul van dyk, tiesto, armin van buuren cosmic gate and other.

video: hack\\sign, DUAL!, battle royale, Gatekeepers 21, GITS, Evangelion, Akira and more.

What was the worst thing that you did as a child? dig my nose and stick my goo on the wall.

What is your most treasured material possession? must be my colletion of audio cds. yeah, bet you're jealous.

What is the best advice that you've ever received? think first before you do stuff

Are you afraid of failure? hell yes.

Which actor/actress would you have play yourself in a film? Arnold Schwarzenegger. guess his my childhood idol...

What music would you like to have played at your funeral? as long as everyone's crying it's fine by me.
but 'Macho Man' by the Village People would be a plus.

What is the most embarassing thing you've ever done? pee in the ladies toilet in one of the clubs

i hate showering (but i still do it daily). animals that wear clothes are _not_ funny. throw away my stuff is the way to get me hysterical. i really wished my parents named me sub. suicide is not scary, but fascinating. tap water tastes better than natural mineral water. not planning on getting a driver's license, some people were born to drive, some to be driven. i've almost killed one of my cousins twice. i can't type and i never will. i'm a hypocrite and so are you. dance all night long. being critised on something i was actually quite proud of really hurts and will ruin my mood for the rest of the day. i forgive easily, but i never forget. i'll never understand why non-christians get to celebrate christmas. smileys are evil and the day that they take over the world will be sad, very sad. pocket less pants should be banned. i prefer girls without make-up. my chips-addiction will eventually kill me. i'm most scared of heights, girls, large crowds and boredom. more to come. oh and i wouldn't do britney spears if she asked me. which she has. seriously.

> i'm

...a Dreamer(Submissive Introvert Abstract Feeler)

...64% lazy

...46% gay

...23% stressed

...definitely a man! WHAT THE?! I AM NOT! MOOOOOOMMMM!!

...30% bastard.

...100% bored with these tests.