Devil - M. Night Shyamalan

Just back from Devil screening, and as a summary its more towards Christianity moral type of story. There is a twist at the end, but i never kinda like it. I feel Mr. Night has serving us B movies since lady in the water.

Sadly the story is about 5 person stuck in an elevator, luckily we don't need to bare the whole 1hour and 45 mins to watch them in the elevator. There are some moment in some scene which will make you feel the intensity and i really do highlight, SOME not many. My expectation of this movie would be gory but fails to see as it is due to a mild gore scenes throughout the movie.

There are other scene which inter-connects to what is happening. The movie ends by giving out the moral of the story in Christianity faith. I DO RECOMMEND Christians to watch this movie so that you can review your faith in your religion again.

overall its a good movie but just watch it at home better. 7/10

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