Project Thermal PS3: SUCCESS!!!

After hours of dismantling my PS3, finally I've manage to swab the spanking new thermal compound on my cell processor and RSX GPU. Sounds easy eh? well not so true..

First and foremost, I had to travel to Digital Mall to get my thermal compound. There are none to be found at my area, except for cheap versions. Secondly the guide was for the older PS3 version where the Motherboard is different. Mine is CECHH06 model.

Anyway with a little trial and error and patience, I've manage to dissemble it. Below are some of the photos I took during the process.

ThermalFusion 400 & Torx Screwdriver T10

More equipments & PS3 ready to be opened

Disassemble success!!

Cleaning the Heat-Sink

Before & after Heat-Sink

Black spot on PS3 base

Cleaned PS3 base

PS3 Motherboard

Old Thermal Compound on the CPU & GPU

Spanking cleaned GPU

Spanking cleaned Cell Processor

Unfortunately I never manage to take some photos while placing the new Thermal fusion 400. However my baby now runs smooth, and I'm able to play Red Dead Redemption without any jumbo jet noise from my fan anymore.

*planning to open a service center to refurbish old PS3....?* "evil grin"


  1. Hey, I too want to use Thermal Fusion 400 to replace the paste on my old 60 GB PS3. But all the online tutorials are for Arctic Silver 5, where they tell to put a thin layer evenly over the CPU/GPU. However, I've heard that only a drop of TF400 is meant to be applied in the middle of a regular CPU. For example, see below:

    How much did you apply on your PS3? How is it working now? Any tips?

  2. I just follow the steps like how you apply the arctic silver, however you might put a little more since it is not thick.


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