Red Dead Redemption Ready to lift off!

After successfully completing Final Fantasy XIII yesterday around 6pm. Finally, I manage to boot up the borrowed game from Richard. And behold the cowboy setting for this game. Imagine GTA IV in the western days.

Half way down the story mission, suddenly my PS3 broke a wailing sound like a jumbo jet. I was like holy cow, my PS3 fan is hitting the high mode. The longer I played, the more disturbed it becomes. I stop my gaming session, worrying it would make my PS3 retired for good.

By lurking around the web, it seems majority of PS3 users played RDR on Fat PS3 has similarity issues on the loud propelling fan sound. And majority advices on replacing the stock thermal compound.

I made my decision to perform such project to replace it, maybe later on after getting off from work. Not to forget a good tutorial on how to disassemble a PS3 by the following link :

Well I still need to grab some stuff during lunch break to get ready for Project PS3 Thermal. Below are my shopping list:-

1x Torx screwdriver
1x Cooler Master Thermal Compound Kit ‐ Thermal Fusion 400

Hehe, so stay tune for my operation on my baby PS3. Probably Pic & Videos will be included.