WebGL/Music/Interactive & Wiki blackout

Gosh! a few days of absentees, due to a hectic work life this first & second week of 2012. Anyway after had the time to wind down from all my hype and jive on work. I've stumbled on a really really fascinating website. 

 It's seriously visually stunning and awesome music experience fusing WebGL technology together with bright lights and vivid colors. Not to forget it runs on your web browsers! Pretty interactive as well where you can use your mouse to steer the around while the music is grooving. (IMHO: the music is pretty chill out and awesome too!) Link is here : - http://lights.elliegoulding.com/

In the meantime, Wikipedia will go offline for 24 hours on the 18th of january 2012 in the protest and also raise public awareness of SOPA & PIPA bills.


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