Adidas ENERGY BOOST 27 feb 2013 debut!!

Making its debut today, I was so anxious after my work and rush to pick up my partner in crime to dash to the nearest Adidas boutique. Low behold adidas boost !!! :D

As for the design its very light, and looks like styrofoam. However, with closer inspection you can feel its pretty decent build up of 1000 energy TPE capsule bond together just like a regular EVA on most of current market running shoes.

My partner had a pair to try on, and the experience was an unexplained feeling however it snuggle pretty nicely on her feet. Thanks to the tech-fit technology and seamless design, this shoe can be worn without socks and as proclaimed should not be a blister maker.

Ka-ching, it goes for MYR 550, and my partner faster faster grabbed it :O

I've manage to snuggle one, however it wasn't my size and it was a pretty tight snuggle on my US size 11 feet. Sadly furthermore, all the shoe of my correct size has been pre-booked or sold out!!! arrrggghh so sad... anyway stay tune for more updates tomorrow on the shoe.

Another sad fact is that, the online adidas store has 2 extra color variation and only ships to Singapore....

Oh yea and there is two more models of adidas coming out in August using the same mid-sole BOOST technology.

yup its Adistar Boost & Adios Boost , probably Sonic Boost will be around year end.

Sonic boost reminds me of ...