Maleficent explores the untold story of Disney's most iconic villain from the classic "Sleeping Beauty" and the elements of her betrayal that ultimately turn her pure heart to stone.

Manage to catch it after my jogging session today with my new toy (will review it later) . So here we are Maleficent, a fairytale story retold. I was in for a surprise on how well did Angelina Jolie portrayed Maleficent.

Story narrates by some lady which is quite important at the end for viewers to clearly understand why it is being retold. Firstly yes its Disney's Sleeping beauty movie  retold. Secondly, they can do what the hell they want with their fairytale franchise. I'm sure some viewers might "boo" and "hoo" on this new spin off for the fairytale of sleeping beauty.

Not many children today even know sleeping beauty, even those that know the story was from the 60" and we kinda outgrew they childhood Disney stories which I found it very suitable for an older age group of viewers to accept this retold story.

I did watch the classic Sleeping beauty and actually kinda like how Disney is directing this particular retelling of it's classic. It pretty much shows the softer side of maleficent well not quite soft but its like a crab metaphor, hard on the outside soft and mushy in the inside. Disney brilliantly portrayed the greed of mankind and their down spiral fall.

Sadly enough the Frozen trend did caught into this storyline as well, so without any spoilers... just go and watch it and be prepare for the unthinkable (girl power!).

Maleficent really makes you drawn into her personality like just being wicked enough by just giving a straight face on the camera but yet so enchanting and posh. You will actually felt more sympathy leaning towards maleficent throughout the show. Angelina Jolie is simply just too amazing to be looked at.. gosh :D that devilish look.... oh boy, her smirks and facial expression is just guilty-pleasure man..

The amazing fantasy scenic view of flora and fauna really captivated me where put me into a feeling of wanting to be in that land. Its like James Cameron's Avatar all over again...No musical singing, probably its live action, it would not be pretty appropriate due to its dark settings on most of the movie pacing.

Build up of the plots is pretty good with the finale of an action sequence of fire breathing dragon and a duel between maleficent with the king. I can say it was an a proper development of the whole story put together even tho its actually a different point of view of how Maleficent reactions Overall a very nicely live adaptation done by Disney and a good movie to be watched with good moral values to be taught to children (7.5/10)