Bacon Mac n Cheese Galore!!

So over the weekend, I tried to do dinner for my family at home, so what more would fill up em tummy with a good old mac n cheese.

So here are  the ingredients I've used for me recipe:-

- Cheese
- Butter
- Flour
- Carrots
- 3 types of shrooms (crab, oyster and buttons)
- Bacon
- Fresh basil leafs
- Macaroni
- Onion
- An Egg
- Salt
- Milk

(below followings are from Masterfoods)

- Italian herbs
- Peppercorn
- Chili flakes
- Thyme Leaves
- Garlic Granulated

Firstly I boiled the macaroni roughly around 5 mins in salted  boiling water with at least a tablespoon.

While boiling the macaroni, I've prepared the shrooms, carrots and diced onions by shredding and washing em up individually. (I did boil the shrooms a short while for 5 mins too)

The next step, was to stir fry the bacon, using butter as the base for cooking the bacon and a little dash of peppercorn and thyme leaves.

hmmmm yummy (slice it up a lil, so can be smaller pieces) would love it to be more crunchy... but oh well cant complain since it's bacon.

Okay... sauce time, so in goes 1/2 of the butter cube to be melted. While twirling the pot to evenly spread the butter, I've drop 4 tablespoonful of flour and mix em up to get this bright yellowish coarse texture.

Poped in 2 and a half cup of milk into the pot and keep mixing it over medium fire.

After awhile, it  gets a little coagulated and its time to dump in the rest of the ingredients. There goes the carrots, dice onions, and shrooms dashing it with more italian herbs, thyme leaves and garlic granulated. Mix well !!

Once all mixed, cracked a raw egg and stir it up in a bowl first before dumping inside together with the bacon and giving it another good mix.

Finally dumping in the cheese to the mix but totally forgotten the portion is gonna get overflowed!!!

Had to transfer into a larger pan and finishing the mix up with the boiled macaroni.

Satisfied with the mixtures, moving it onto a baking tray while garnishing it with more cheese to top  with  chopped basil leaves, Italian herbs, garlic granulated, and thyme leaves.

Finally throwing it in the oven at 190c Degrees for about 25 mins...

Tada!!! ( Sprikle a little more herbs , spices and not to forget the chili flakes )

Bacon mac and cheese is served  =D