Fast & Furious 7 but slow reviewed

So being a slowpoke, I've dragged my self to watch FAST7 the seventh movie of the franchise of the fast & furious series.

Story left off on the previous series where bad guy,  Owen Shaw has been hospitalized, and a crazy opening scene of his older brother Deckard Shaw played by none other than action guy, Jason Statham resolving on avenging his brother. With the gun-blazing , and close combat sequence in the opening time frame, I'm sure it will be one hell of a ride...

  • More crazy non-stop actions...checked
  • Explosions.... checked
  • mama chitas... checked
  • Senseless car physics stunts...checked

The movie kinda takes on how Dom's wife tries to recover from her memory lost from the beginning to the end of the movie. Trying to squeeze in some real family related matters where Brian (the late Paul Walker) is trying to fit himself into an ordinary dad and keeping himself from harms way. Sadly the family buildup was washed down with the whole bad guy vengeance thingy against Dom's Crew.

Rest assured from the previous installments, this bad boy movie has jam packed with non-stop senseless car stunts, crashes, flying and explosions. Leaving you awe and grinning on ya faces with amazement.

I feel some parts was kinda draggy but it was a build up plot in order to catch the big brother bad boy, maybe trying to work around some fancy script of the movie plot.

excellent cameo by Kurt Russell , as Mr. Nobody giving off the Escape of L.A. character feel.

Overall , a nice movie to watch on the big screens but surely an instant hit for home videos , 6.5/10

and the ending was a nice touch on sending their co-stars Paul Walker a farewell parting gift.


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