Viper Challenge: Genting King of The Mountain

Since this year would be more of retirement on running, I've concluded into partaking 2 obstacle course challenges, and one of them will be Viper Challenge: Genting King of The Mountain.

That's right, considering  a starting up with the 20.8KM early March and this month, May Viper Arena, Genting King of The Mountain would be their 3rd event for this year. Sadly I heard this would be their last event for Malaysia. Rumors has it, they will be heading globally in future times..

Venue will be on Saturday, 12 September 2015 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Batang Kali, Malaysia / or also known as on the route to Genting.

So being an enthusiast as I can be, I've signed up as soon as the online ticket was open, sadly i've missed the launch sales  price which was RM99.

Manage to settle in for 10:00AM slot , I've have like 4 months to get in shape for the 15 challenges. Even tho it would be a 10km hike through the jungle path of Genting from Skyway to Awana, i would definately foresee some challenges along the way.

Boy, how am i so pumped up with this finale viper event and i really hope they do not disappoint me from the first launch of viper challenge 2013. Had to drink from SYABAS water tank yo during those times.

Below are the event details:




Stay tune for my battle report :D hope to see friends there!


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