Epic Games falls back to Google play store by publishing Fortnite

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Epic Games has previously come up with the popular Fortnite games offered on various platforms. except, for the Android version, they choose not to publish it on the Google Play Store because they need to share revenue for in-app purchases away from Google.

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However, now, after 18 months, Epic Games has been forced to submit to Google, and has released the Fortnite app on the Google Play Store. Previously they did not want to publish it because publishers had to give Google Play 30% of in-app purchase revenue.

Epic Games gives in and finally puts Fortnite on the Google Play Store
Epic Games in their statement says Google puts apps published outside of the Google Play Store at the slightest risk to users - since Google will be displaying security warnings and more. This is to prevent the installation of non-native applications, or malware by users. But for publishers like Epic Games that offer games outside of the Play Store, it may also cause users to worry about using them.

Fortnite heads to Google Play Store - CNET
Because of this, Epic Games has already released Fortnie on the Play Store. At the same time, while Epic Games is seen as giving a solid reason, it can be said that they failed to steal high player numbers from the Android platform by publishing their games outside of the Google Play Store - and had to do so by continually attracting players to try and play Fortnite on Android.