Samsung’s 6G to offer 1/10th the latency of 5G

5G hasn t started yet, and Samsung is already vising about 6G ...

 Samsung has started to publicize its direction for 6G, the next generation of wireless networks likely to supercede 5G sometime in the next decade. The company joins Nokia and a few other organizations that are exploring the upgrade. From a technology standpoint, Samsung will be aiming for peak data rates of 1Tbps and latency less than 100 microsec, "fifty times the peak data rate and one-tenth the latency of 5G." 6G will use terahertz frequencies, which are well above microwave and millimeter wave, along with optimized antennas. Spectrum sharing enhancements and more sophisticated duplexing will be used to better utilize wireless frequencies. Reliability, wanting in 5G, also is mentioned as a focus. But it’s the projected megatrends that Samsung will propel 6G that are most interesting. vehicles, robots, construction machinery and factory equipment will become prime “connected machine” users. Smart sensors installed in various infrastructures” will be a part of that.