Neoverse: what is Neoland and Neopolis ?

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Have you ever played Monopoly? 🏠

If you have, you know just how satisfying it is to buy and upgrade your properties. You've felt the adrenaline rush when someone lands on your fully-upgraded property and goes bankrupt trying to pay you.

Now, imagine a game like Monopoly, but instead of playing on a small game board in front of you with Monopoly money, you’re playing on the entire planet for valuable assets.

The Neoverse consists of two different game modes: Neopolis and Neoland


Neopolis is a MMO free-to-play game currently available on the iOS App Store and Android GooglePlay Store. 

At its core, Neopolis is a game that combines elements from Monopoly and Pokemon Go. Players can buy, trade, and upgrade buildings from the real world. Players can also travel virtually to explore the world, grow their real estate empires, and battle it out on city and global leaderboards. The top performing Neopolis players can win a Land in Neoland and start developing their properties as Landowners.

Neopolis has been officially launched in two countries, France and UK, but it can be played all around the world: Download the app here


Neoland is a play-and-earn game in the world of Neopolis. In Neoland, players own and manage land parcels connected both to the Neopolis game and the real-world land. Landowners can add, customize buildings, and organize events on their lands. Neoland and Neopolis have been designed to benefit from each other, but each has an independent game system.
Neoland game loop

Each Land generates resources and landowners need resources to add, upgrade buildings (NFTs), organize events and customize the land. 

Buildings can produce more resources, unlock new features in the land (chat, mini-games, events for Neopolis players…) or just add aesthetic value to the Land. 
Landowners can organize events that appear on Neopolis and give Neopolis players the rewards and resources they need. Landowners

Long term
The makers aim to let Landowners take as much ownership as possible in their land by:
  • Adding any visual element to their Land and then shaping the real world how they want. 
  • Taking control of data and partnerships linked to their lands: ads displayed, real-world buildings database, local stores sponsorships…
Neopolis players will see their experience improved by Decentralized LiveOps: Unique game content in each land area, all around the world, and daily changes. Social: local gathering around Landowners animation

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