Bentley Unveils Three Unique Bentayga Models in Celebration of International Women's Day

In a celebration of female empowerment and historic achievements, Bentley Motors marks International Women's Day with the launch of three special editions of the Bentayga SUV. Inspired by the legendary "Bentley Girls" – Mary Petre Bruce, Dorothy Paget, and Diana Barnato Walker – these bespoke models pay homage to their remarkable contributions to Bentley's rich heritage. Let's delve into the intricate details of these extraordinary vehicles and the inspiring women behind them.

A Tribute to Extraordinary Women:

The Bentayga SUV has been transformed into three distinct editions, each drawing inspiration from the lives and achievements of the iconic Bentley Girls. Designed by Emma Carruthers and Georgia Gough, these bespoke creations celebrate the indomitable spirit of these trailblazing women who left an indelible mark on Bentley's legacy.

Mary Petre Bruce Edition:

Named in honor of Mary Petre Bruce, the Bentayga "S" edition pays tribute to her daring feats of speed and endurance. Inspired by her record-breaking 24-hour solo drive in a Bentley 4½ Litre at the Montlhéry race track in 1929, this edition features Parson Green metallic paint, reminiscent of her iconic car. The interior boasts 24K gold organ stop controls and pearl veneer finishes, reflecting her unwavering determination and luxurious lifestyle.

Dorothy Paget Edition:

The Bentayga MULLINER edition, dedicated to Dorothy Paget, embodies her passion for speed and power. Inspired by the iconic Bentley Blower car, which Paget supported financially, this edition features Brooklands Green exterior paint and nickel-plated wheel arches. The interior showcases aluminum fascia panels and bespoke upholstery, paying homage to Paget's legendary racing career and impeccable taste.

Diana Barnato Walker Edition:

In tribute to Diana Barnato Walker, the Bentayga "S" edition draws inspiration from her remarkable aviation achievements. Featuring Smoke Green exterior paint and Spitfire-inspired design elements, this edition reflects Walker's fearless spirit and pioneering accomplishments. The interior combines green and sand-colored upholstery, reminiscent of the Mk9 Spitfire cockpit, and features a bespoke emblem on the D-pillar, symbolizing her enduring legacy.

Empowering Initiatives:

The launch of these special Bentayga editions is part of Bentley's "Extraordinary Women" initiative, aimed at inspiring and nurturing the next generation of female leaders in engineering, design, technology, and business. By honoring the achievements of historical figures like Mary Petre Bruce, Dorothy Paget, and Diana Barnato Walker, Bentley reaffirms its commitment to diversity and innovation.

As Bentley Motors celebrates International Women's Day, it honors the trailblazing women who have shaped its history and inspired generations to come. Through these bespoke Bentayga editions, the legacy of the Bentley Girls lives on, reminding us of the power of perseverance, innovation, and female empowerment.