fetish for legs

A week of new year hangover.....

Recently been doing some random surfing, as well as random chatting and to my amaze, there are some people that have this feet fetish, normally middle eastern people. gosh, although I do adore those long well toned legs, but having a fetish for it is a no no.

What caught my attention for today was a music single by Ken Ashcorp titling Absolute Territory. Pretty much its a music about a run down on ... legs below is the meaning beyond the title of the song.

Absolute Territory (or Zettai Ryouiki 絶対領域) details the area of the thigh between the skirt and the sock. It has been said that this mysterious and dangerous area is a magnet for male gaze... 

Its pretty a catchy tune, with a little attitude towards it. Kinda weird if you are reading up on the lyrics haha. Anyway look up on his other cool singles too, this would be my this week music drive.


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