Coro Cantabil @ HCA 10 May 2014

Coro Cantabile is a Filipino Christian a cappella singing group comprised of people from different walks of life, coming together with one purpose: to create excellent music that uplifts the lives of those who hear it. They came down to Malaysia!

Over the weekend at Harvest Christian Assembly, there was a performance by Coro Cantabile all the way from Philippines. What they do I similar to a choir however without any music instruments, only via voices. For more information you could check them out at

Most of the team have regular day jobs ranging from financial institutes to even eye optician, yet they willing to undergo this outreach to touch lives of many others with their music.

During the whole event, I was so hoping they would spin-off an a cappella "Let it go" song from Frozen, but sadly that never came to reality... one can only dream~~

In the meanwhile here are some recording I've made from them, but of course watching them real live is far superior and excellent tune from their excellent presentation.


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