Ippudo Ramen at Gardens Midvalley

Was kinda hungry so I was prying around Gardens Midvalley yesterday... suddenly the depths of my tummy was urging for the taste of ramen. Having passed by a few times the particular ramen shop, thought of giving it a go.

Heard this was kinda THE ramen shop to enjoy a good bowl... (Ippudo Ramen at Gardens Midvalley)

I wonder why waiters recently are being held by foreigners even the chefs behind the kitchen was foreigner as well. Anyway after being ushered to a table, I manage to try their all day happy hours (2 Sapporo + curry cheese Harumaki) together with an Akamaru Shinaji ramen.

Was very impressed with the Harumaki since its hot from the oven/microwave and furthermore its very cheesy! Manage to wash it down with the smooth taste of Sapporo beer. However the main course ramen was on the little spicy end. Having the hardness of the noodles at hard, it was just nice when it was soaked in the delicious spicy soup which got me hook for a little while which almost had me at the brim on my tummy for allotting the 2nd bottle of Sapporo.

Downside of the total eating experience was that the lean pork meat was kinda scarce in the ramen which kinda of a bummer... not sure other ramen dish offers over 2 slices of it, wished they would like add more into the ramen since it was kinda pricey. Also bowl was huge however content was not.

Ippudo Ramen at Gardens Midvalley might consider a place for a one time experience and would not be any time soon for a repeated visit. ( I still miss Menya Musashi at 1 Utama ). Damage was RM70++


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