How to track your spending


After I've gained financial freedom earlier this year. My next objective was to find ways to consolidate my spendings. Manually jotting down my expenses may seem to be the way.

However, it will be a dreaded chore and of a high level of discipline & determination needed. Being the lazy me as always, I've managed to find BigPay. Not only does it able to track your spending via its nifty e-wallet.

You do also gain Air Asia big points which able for you to redeem flight tickets!

Right now I am trying to consolidate all my auto payments from my Credit Card into BigPay in a weeks time.

Will report back on this post to keep you guys posted on my usage on BigPay.

Registration is FREE via google play or iOS and also you will get FREE RM10 when you use the code: QVYZNCDM8E


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