COVID-19: Gen Z is worried also about the longer-term

Covid-19: 39 new cases reported on March 13; bringing total to 197 ...
Survey finds that Gen Z have had major areas of their lives and life plans disrupted by COVID-19, whether that be the cancelation of their high school or college graduations, summer internships, jobs, or changes in their living situations. While it’s for the greater good, staying home means missing out on major life milestones like graduation, prom, and life-changing dream internships—and the weight of that disappointment is crushing. It's not just the current losses Gen Z is mourning. Many Gen Zers expressed concern that “this sense of disappointment will be something that continues throughout their lives.” Many Zs are questioning and rethinking their standards for success, and what’s possible for them to achieve in their lives. Some are wondering if they’ve been told their lives would be better than they actually will be.


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