iOS 14 exposes LinkedIn and Reddit’s snooping on clipboard

iOS 14 beta 2 download has been released with tons of bug fixes – BGR

Reddit and LinkedIn are making changes to their iPhone apps after users criticized the platforms for snooping on content from the clipboard, the feature that makes it possible to copy-and-paste information across devices. The update comes after Apple's new iOS 14 software, which flags this practice to users, launched its developer beta. Reddit would update its app to no longer see data from the clipboard. LinkedIn had released a new version of the app to remove that practice as well. Apple's upcoming iOS 14 has a new privacy feature that alerts users when an app copies content from the clipboard. LinkedIn and Reddit were copying clipboard information and alerts appeared with seemingly every keystroke when typing in the LinkedIn and Reddit apps. LinkedIn had traced this functionality to a piece of code that checks the clipboard content against text that has currently been typed in a text box. It was not storing or transmitting the clipboard contents. Reddit claimed the snooping came from a functionality that checks the clipboard for URLs when starting a new post.


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