Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thank god :)

gonna post short thoughts each day i guess..

Seriously stress out, but thank god that i jogged today which cleared my mind and now im just seriously tired about thinking.. so i guess i'll sleep early.

Ignorance is bliss , learn it :D

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Why does one get this kinda symptom? is it a mere emotional changes between your mental state of mind thinking and your rational behavior mix into one. Or maybe, it is just how certain humans are born is such way that, they will have this strong sense of action...

Let's take a few steps back to overview such doing and figure out why does it occurring on daily basis. First of all, when someone is in need of that certain object, he/she will find his/her way into obtaining it. This is good to understand that, most of us pretty much don't realize how much of an obsession person we are till we actually sit down a moment to review our intentions.

To me, obsession is quite on the verge of being negative attitude and emotion forward. greed, possessiveness, jealously, envy, selfish and a few others comes into my mind. Even if there are still all the bad sides of its wheel of nature, I do find a small quantity value of determination.

So for others, what do you think obsession means to you ?