Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brooks Half Marathon 2014

Yup, that's right folks... as for one of my 2014 resolution, it would be stopping myself into partaking any more running events. Over the period of 365 days in 2013, I've ran about 15 events, that's like more than a run events per month.
However due to my absence in the running scene for a month quite recently, well bad habit don't die down eh? well I've enrolled once again for another half marathon organized by Brooks Malaysia.

The event will be held at Bukit Jalil, the same place where the event took placed this year as well... speaking of Brooks 2013 event, it was poorly organized with a puny trophy cup instead of a proper medal. Overcrowded runner in small path ways, bad P.A system, insufficient water stations, lazy design of finisher-t , and etc... which kinda tarnish Brooks name, but they did jump the gun and blame it on the organizing team instead.

2013 swag

Brooks apologize for marathon 2013 -  http://brooksmalaysia.com/2013/03/29/brooks-half-marathon-2013-report/

But let bygones be bygones, aside from the bad organizing this year, I'm hoping next year event would be far more decent due to its hefty price of RM 75!

Route is just the same like this year as well.

Anyway can't complain much, will be doing this and maybe Penang Bridge run as well for 2014. So till then... peace out!


After many many moons of not updating my blog, I've came to a conclusion at the brink of closing it down, or leaving it to rot...

but turn of events, I should start picking it up back where I've left off. Now, now let's not get so mushy mushy and personal. It's a blog for what I feel like sharing the stuff I take interest on and what I feel for the sake of sharing it... wait did I said it twice? oh well as long its not too personal...Who know's things might get ugly, very ugly..

Quite recently I've been doing 1/4, 1/2 marathons, yea yea I know, skinny boy is doing more skinny things.... but hey do you know I haz the beer belly!! even on my mis-adventures of running, that stubborn fat really keeps on hugging to my dearest ABS.

Moving along, Been watching lot's of movies recently but just plain lazy on review most of em. (just caught Frozen, Police Story 2013 and Secret Life of Walter Mitty) might as well  blog about that in the weeks to come.

Had some ups and down in my personal life, didn't manage to get to where I wanted it to be but still making effort in working things out. (come on, everyone does have their ups and down.)

Recently daily for a past 2-3 months spending devoted time of mere 1 hour on some mild exercise. Probably I shall blog about that too after some result shown (fingers crossed). Plus some fundamental I've been staying faithfully.

Getting into mobile gaming, testing a few freemium games and also stringing my MMO cravings on Final Fantasy XIV.

All in all , for this year , the most precious thing that I've ever experienced is and without any regrets but a lesson to be is, "could it be your partner, a friend, pet bro or sis, they will eventually fail you. But never forget the closet thing is right under our nose which is, family. Thanks Mom for always been there for me, through thin or thick, sweet or sour, she is my dearest breath giver to my life over this mere 31 years. Really thank you form the bottom of my heart. No words can utterly explain how much gratitude I've owe her throughout the years.

Okay enough ramblings, close of getting too personal already. Cheerios and looking forward for 2 0 1 4, till then peace out.!!!  (saving my stuff for future post)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Police Story 2013: Oh Jackie

Manage to grab this screening to watch my man, Mr. Jackie Chan. Well, well firstly he did mention of retiring from action movies since his last movie, Chinese Zodiac 2013. However you know, we still love this 59 action kicking Chinese actor.

Do note this is a spin-off from the other police story movies where it tells a story of a police dad seeking her daughter in a town in China for reconciliation after a fiasco during his wife death at a hospital.

The scene start with a dramatic preview of the ending where Jackie is pulling a trigger of a gun to his head. Shocker right? spoiler at the beginning of the show. Well you be the judge after watching it to clearly understand why he did it so. Another shocker was , Jackie has a new hair cut! Probably to fit in as a China policemen criteria.

Surprisingly, the action in this movie has been considered milder compare to the previous installment of the franchise. However there is more of a darker feel towards the whole movie as well as the seriousness of dialog between antagonist and protagonist can be felt through out of the movie.

Most of the actors are from mainland China, therefore I've heard from a friend that they were pretty famous over there. As for some of their acting skills, certain times the fluidity of their character actions doesn't present well on the big screen.

All in all, I do like the moral of the story towards the end, where is all about past regrets which may not be fixed but to be a lesson learned. A bit of cheesy plot twisting as well but this might not be Jackie's best movie of the year but then again a more serious side from him on the big screen which is a plus side.

I would give this movie a 7/10 but for movie goers , I would recommend this as a rental instead to watch at home since the movie ticket price now of days is so bloody expensive lately!

Monday, May 27, 2013


I gave you a glimpse at the adidas adiZero Adios Boost. The sneaker was exclusively available at the Boston Marathon, but will officially release at select retailers on October 1, 2013. The Adios Boost replaces the adiPrene midsole with the innovative Boost midsole built for cushioning and rebound. The lightweight runner also showcases a mesh upper for breathability and a heel counter for stability. The price tag for the adiZero Adios Boost will be RM500++ ($140).

Here are some nice sexy close up shots

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013 Explosion

Just a heads up to all runners, families and friends please pray for the unfortunate as 2 explosion has occurred which was believed to be bombings. This is a sad day and for the Boston Marathon Event. My deepest condolence to the life being lost, and deepest sympathy for those that are injured.

so far 23 injured 2 deaths.

IMHO: i think this might be all planned for a greater master plan which might divert the attention of all police and authorities in Boston.

some news source:-



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Karen Mok meet the fans Event

Unfortunately turn of fortunately events that need to be logged. 

Karen Mok 莫文蔚 "Somewhere I belong" debut first English jazz Album was released not long ago and the day before was a autograph session at Paradigm Mall. However with turns of events, my partner just won two passes of meet and greet session with Karen Mok at Double tree by Hilton ballroom. As below details:-

Karen Mok "Somewhere I Belong" Fans Gathering (By Invitation Only) 
Date: 14/4/2013 (Sunday) 
Time: 3 pm 
Venue: Hibiscus Room, Level 10, Doubletree Hotel by Hilton

We manage to reach there around 1.00PM and considered the earliest of the birds, even tho we wasn't a total fan of hers. Collection of the tickets prior to the meet and greet session together with a white question sheet for each of us to ask her. 

Early bird

Doubletree Hotel by Hilton

le Tickets
Mine was pretty generic so it was voided when I asked her upcoming movie roles. However our second question was asking her if she is able to speak German. This was a curious question to find out if she do converse with her German husband in that language.

While waiting, this song really caught my attention in her album while lurking her on wiki and YouTube.

Zoom zoom to 2.30PM we managed to queue up finally, and was being close to almost last end of the line. However manage to get a seat which is quite okay.

Crowds waiting...

As she walks in gracefully like an International star on her 2nd trip down to Malaysia over 5 years ago. Even tho she is in a 40's but yet she look youthful, slim, tall and gorgeous. She was greeted with the crowds of fans with "Karen, Welcome to Malaysia" this reminds me of that funny youtube music video on that phrase as below:-

Crowds looking

Anyway after a few Q & A generally by the emcee, there was 5 question from the fans which will be directed to her and of course the fans would need to ask her as from the paper written on them. 

Q&A by Emcee

Guess what? , my partner manage to get to be the 1 questioner!! abit of starstruck both of us was a bit shocked. With a cute reply of nay from Karen Mok, followed by a few simple gutten tag (good day) from her.

Cute gesture while saying Nay!

after a few more Q&A, there was a calligraphy session where the sifu will write the Chinese words from her album title, The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships (傾國傾城). Only two was written by the Sifu and Karen Mok will autograph it and lucky draw of two lucky winners among the crowds. 

First was a tomboy winning the first calligraphy which was on a paper, but low behold when she was displaying the 2nd prize which was a Paper Fan, my partner said the paper fan was better than the first one. As soon as my partner done uttering the words, "Jeremy Lee" was uttered from the emcee mouth. Double stunned! both of us, while i couldn't believe it was happening i calmly make my way down the center and greeted by Karen Mok with a friendly handshake and a quick photograph session with her together with the prize. 

and there you have it!! a seriously turn of events for me with my unfortunate prize where will lie to rest in my cupboard or something till i dig it back up again. Seriously two lucky in a day is just too crazy.

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships (傾國傾城)

Her album is pretty good as her first English debut album. Even tho is Jazzy, seriously very very jazzy, but it is quite a different route for her with a feat for her to venture into this genre. All the best Karen Mok and godspeed!!!

Avaliable on iTunes!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

how to vote in General Election 13

So today parliament has been bubar by our Prime minister, Dato Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak. So looking forward for the election ? below is the guide on how to vote for first timers.

adizero adios Boost

Coming soon to the nearest Adidas stores near you!! Prototype has already been used in the Tokyo Marathon 2013 where 1st and 2nd runner was using this bad boy shoe. As from rumors, that Adidas will be releasing this Adios boost within this month or early next month.

so is this proven that BOOST technology has surpass EVA soles in running industry ?
time will tell, as right now i just cant wait for this badboy to be in my hands so i can really put it to the test.

Dennis Kimetto running in adios Boost beating the track record in Tokyo Marathon 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard has just announced Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a free-to-play collectible card game set in the universe of Warcraft.
You can play as one of nine World of Warcraft classes, collect cards, and battle people online. No release date yet, but the game will be out for PC and Mac, with an iPad version coming "shortly thereafter."
The game is coming out soon, Blizzard said—"Not Blizzard soon, but IRL soon." You can sign up for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on Blizzard's website right now, and the beta will launch this summer.
This game was developed by a small team of 15 people, Blizzard chief creative officer Rob Pardo said while announcing the game during a PAX East panel this morning. The goal: create a simple, competitive game with a more mobile team than they've used for bigger beasts like StarCraft II and Diablo III. They want it to be "small in scope, but epic in gameplay," Pardo said.
During the panel today, Blizzard brought out an announcer to describe a 1v1 game as it happened. It looks a lot like Magic: The Gathering with Warcraft characters and abilities: we saw Warlocks and Druids facing off, summoning monsters, and attacking one another in turn-based combat.
The characters and beasts chat and comment as they fight, sometimes saying hilarious things in traditional Blizzard style. There are a ton of Warcraft-themed cards, from ghouls and demons to Ragnaros, the fire god. This looks very cool.


What is Hearthstone

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini-Skirts Could Become Illegal in South Korea

In the 1970s, the dictatorship controlling South Korea stipulated the length of women's skirts. Now, due to a new law, some in South Korea worry that those days are returning.
Last year, a law was passed in South Korea regarding, among other things, indecent exposure. Today, it goes into effect. According to website Korea Bang, the law states, "Those who show their bare skin excessively in a public place or expose parts of the body that should remain covered, thus making others feel embarrassment or discomfort, are guilty of indecent exposure."
The Korean newspaper Hankyoreh is arguing that this new law, passed under the previous president's administration, will enable authorities to go back to the strict social codes of the past. During the 1970s, for example, the length of men's hair was also regulated by the government. Those with long hair were sometimes given forced haircuts on the street!
This year, South Korea elected its first female president, Park Geun-hye. It was her father,Park Chung-hee, who seized power in a coup in 1963, declared martial law, and served as president for life until he was assassinated in 1979. This is perhaps why left-leaning publications like Hankyoreh are worried about how this new law will be interpreted.
Those deemed guilty of indecent exposure will be fined 50,000 won. Police say, however, that the goal is not to target mini-skirts. Critics worry that the law's ambiguous wording will lead to equally ambiguous complaints and fines.
One thing is certain: If this is enforced, South Korea's popstars (Girls' Generation, above), famous for their short skirts, are going to need new outfits!
There's more in the link below about how this legislation also makes things like begging a fine, along with declining to help a government employee during a disaster, crime, accident, or whatnot without enough reason for refusal.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Adidas ENERGY BOOST 27 feb 2013 debut!!

Making its debut today, I was so anxious after my work and rush to pick up my partner in crime to dash to the nearest Adidas boutique. Low behold adidas boost !!! :D

As for the design its very light, and looks like styrofoam. However, with closer inspection you can feel its pretty decent build up of 1000 energy TPE capsule bond together just like a regular EVA on most of current market running shoes.

My partner had a pair to try on, and the experience was an unexplained feeling however it snuggle pretty nicely on her feet. Thanks to the tech-fit technology and seamless design, this shoe can be worn without socks and as proclaimed should not be a blister maker.

Ka-ching, it goes for MYR 550, and my partner faster faster grabbed it :O

I've manage to snuggle one, however it wasn't my size and it was a pretty tight snuggle on my US size 11 feet. Sadly furthermore, all the shoe of my correct size has been pre-booked or sold out!!! arrrggghh so sad... anyway stay tune for more updates tomorrow on the shoe.

Another sad fact is that, the online adidas store has 2 extra color variation and only ships to Singapore....

Oh yea and there is two more models of adidas coming out in August using the same mid-sole BOOST technology.

yup its Adistar Boost & Adios Boost , probably Sonic Boost will be around year end.

Sonic boost reminds me of ...