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Homemade Natto!

So earlier in the month, I had a vision on having a strict diet. The latter 3rd week of March was having fruit diet during lunchtime.. which I had incorporate some Soy beans on the follow week.


There's a difference between being in a relationship, and being in love.

I mean, just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean that you love them or they love you. Why do you think people cheat? To really love someone, you have to spare some of your times to talk to them, listen to them, pay attention to them, show them that you care, you have to sacrifice some things to be with them and to keep them, and you must really understand them.

 There are so many ways to define love. To me, caring and understanding each other is loving each other. Love is when their happiness matters more than your own, because love is selfless, not selfish. People always saying that trust is love. To be honest, I never really believe that.

People say, "Trust takes years to build, but seconds to break." So if the person you're dating destroyed your trust, does that mean that you don't love them anymore, just like that? Well, no. That's not right. Love is about being in …

fixing ma blog

since i've re-ported my blog back to blogger,.. it may take awhile to fix those broken photos ... stay tune..

so whats in for me in the year 2015?

- a month of working my abs (Project Tummy be GONE )

- gonna blog again, with reviews and try to snag more freebies from nuffnang and other places ...

- getting my Open Water diver license

- gaming back ?

any other random stuff ...painting ?

p/s: this post does not include 6% GST yet...