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Adidas ENERGY BOOST 27 feb 2013 debut!!

Making its debut today, I was so anxious after my work and rush to pick up my partner in crime to dash to the nearest Adidas boutique. Low behold adidas boost !!! :D

As for the design its very light, and looks like styrofoam. However, with closer inspection you can feel its pretty decent build up of 1000 energy TPE capsule bond together just like a regular EVA on most of current market running shoes.
My partner had a pair to try on, and the experience was an unexplained feeling however it snuggle pretty nicely on her feet. Thanks to the tech-fit technology and seamless design, this shoe can be worn without socks and as proclaimed should not be a blister maker.

Ka-ching, it goes for MYR 550, and my partner faster faster grabbed it :O

I've manage to snuggle one, however it wasn't my size and it was a pretty tight snuggle on my US size 11 feet. Sadly furthermore, all the shoe of my correct size has been pre-booked or sold out!!! arrrggghh so sad... anyway stay tune for more updat…

Thought for Days

Pure and Gentle
Success is merged in every step of those who have a pure and gentle nature.

Diamond Consciousness
When you look at the world through your physical eyes, you will see all the facets of our diversity: culture, race, personality, religion and so on. Seeing only through your physical eyes, it is easy to become stubborn and to try to prove yourself right. However where there is stubbornness there is no love. And trying to prove the self right is equally offensive. A diamond will sparkle even in the dust; you do not ever need to prove that you are right. In the face of the dangers that come from seeing only with the physical eyes, always think: now is the time to go beyond all divisions, beyond all that limits us and our sense of self. Whatever the race, the religion, the class - our consciousness now has to go beyond all of that.

Being Comes Before Doing
We spend most of our life running after things, doing things. We forget that being comes before doing. Those who remember …

R U Ready for PSY? #penang


Remix version

The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Since last Tuesday, an MMO just went from Pay to play to Free to play. Yup, its The Exiled Realm of Arborea (TERA). Just like other MMO its has everything like a MMO. However what intrigue me was the battle system.

Lets talk about the world, since I'm just merely scratching the surface. The world is such an eye candy, where the settings changes as you journey across it. From desert Savannah to the lush green forest and not to forget the most darkness abyss of evil. TERA environment does not disappoint thanks to the game's UNREAL 3 engine.

As for races, there are not 3 standard MMO races (Human, Elves or Orcs) but a FRIGGIN SEVEN races, each with their own racial traits and passive skills. As listed below :-

The Aman, a race of draconian humanoids
The Baraka, a giant, intelligent race The Castanics, a demon-like race The Elins, an innocent nature loving race The High Elves The Humans The animal-like Popori.
The Baraka, Elin, and Popori are gender locked (only male Baraka and Po…

The Impossible: Manly Tears

Being a slowpoke, I've manage to get to watch The Impossible earlier today. And I was deeply engrossed in the emotional & deathtifying moments in the movie. And I have to admit manly tears was shed. Bare in mind this was based on a particular family which went through hell in the 2004 Tsunami incident.

The whole movie was entirely based on solely on how the separation of the family that seems so impossible to be together again. Which separates into two point of view, the dad & the mom. Truly ingenuity of direction putting effort of retelling a true base story.

The movie takes off where a happy Australian family (mom , dad & 3 little boys) when on a trip to Phuket to celebrate their christmas 2004. And has mother nature takes it's course to unfold the aftermath of an earthquake happened near Indonesia, (Didn't explain in the movie, assuming viewers would know what happen prior to why tsunami) the family was happily dipping in the resorts swimming pool when the b…

Chewing Gum is good for the Brain, can boost alertness by 10%

It’s a habit that divides opinion, but new scientific evidence reveals that chewing gum is actually good for the brain.

Chomping away boosts thinking and alertness and the study reveals reaction times among chewers are up to 10 per cent faster.

The Japanese research suggests as many as eight areas of the brain are affected by the simple act of chewing.

One theory to explain the greater performance is that chewing increases arousal and leads to temporary improvements in blood flow to the brain.

Volunteers carried out tasks while chewing and not chewing gum as their brains were scanned to see which areas were active.

During the 30-minute tests participants pressed a button with their right or left thumb in response to the direction of an arrow on a screen.

Men and women who were not chewing took 545 milliseconds to react, compared with 493 milliseconds among the chewers. The brain regions most active during chewing were those involved with movement and attention.

Professor Andy Smith of Cardif…


Yes after a few session of MIA , I'm back again to try to fill up this empty place. Hope I can give you guys the latest stuff and movies reviews which I had watch in this past. As thy working environment has shifted their direction into more go green Ala paperless solution, we are now full force on have two solution at our doorsteps to ease consumers. Doctrix & Rapidflows. Probably would have a review on those solution in the near future. In the mean time, I will tweak a little of this run down site.

Layout will still stay the same, just adding a few sidebar links and more exclusive pages for you ronely internet guise lurking. Like subcandy , subrequest, submovies and etc. etc.

so stay tune..

oh and not to forget....


Ellie Goulding - Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix)

Was watching the latest God of War Ascension Live action trailer and the BGM caught my attention. so proudly present you Ellie Goulding + Kratos feelings xD