Wednesday, January 29, 2014

heroes of the storm beta sign up!

Was just lurking blizzard website and behold!! beta signup is up :) currently few weeks without updates due to getting back into good old diablo 3 paragon leveling :)

so check it out a MOBA game which is Free-to play from Blizzard!! all your famous characters from warcraft, starcraft and diablo will be playable heroes in this arena battle fest game! can't wait for it all the blood-fest of your favorite characters... hmmm i wonder if deckard cain would be a playable hero haha!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#kangkong #keepcalm faceplam

Weird when Malaysian PM comparing prices with kangkung....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lone Survivor : Don't watch after heavy meal

Thanks to nuffnang for providing me an early movie screening of Lone Survivor. It was pretty last minute to reach to the cinema and grab a pair of tickets.

  Lone survivor tells a true story about a team of navy seal trying to face all odds on a covert ops when bad things happen through decision making. This pretty much proves that all humans tend to make mistakes and face consequences as a results.

Movie starts with Mr. Mark Wahlberg trying to be resuscitate back to life, while transitioning to 3 days before into a  breathtaking scenery somewhere in Afghanistan, and with other pretty cool stills of the environment makes you feel so clam... yea clam before the storm.....

For the first 1 hour in the show, it was more of setting the plot (drama talking) and getting a rough idea of each characters in the movie. Right at the one hour mark, things get bloody... very bloody and from here onward, it gets much uglier.

Pretty much some parts was literally nerve wrecking moments, which made me hold on to my cinema seat. Trying to put one selves in their shoe really make me have a full immersion on the whole movie affect on a person being a soldier.

There is some very much touching scene during the end of the movie which I thought was pretty much the best ever thing that could every happen. Reflect on a saying where "an enemy of my enemy is my friend" . Within the controlled boundaries of the vicious Taliban, there would still be people opposing them.

You get a bang for your bucks, with a decent drama build up , tension between inter dispute among the army ranks, as well as bad decision making and some light jokes. However I must clearly said that Mark Wahlberg IMHO did not gave his best into his character abiding from his other 3 fellow supporting characters which really made  the movie shine and add significant value towards it.

It's a up to par movie like Black Hawk Down and i would definitely give it a 8/10. So far a sweet movie for the month of January 2014

p/s: a big hoo ha to all those servicing in the Army and my deepest condolence to those brave men that fought for honor! R.I.P brothers

Friday, January 10, 2014

Humble weekly Trine 1 & 2

This week offering for a mere USD 6 for 5 awesome titles by FROZENBYTE.


Shadowgrounds is the impressive, top-down action-shooter fromFrozenbyte. Enter a research facility infiltrated and overrun by colonies of aliens, growing more fierce by the second. Armed with a devastating arsenal of military-grade weapons, it's up to you take down these beastly creatures and reclaim the facility. The adrenaline-pumping, top-down gameplay and audiovisual fireworks set the scene for this new action experience which can be played single-player and co-op.


Enter the magical fantasy world of Trine, where you'll create and use physics-based objects to solve crafty puzzles and outsmart unruly enemies. Three heroes are on a mission, guided by a mysterious device called the trine, to save their kingdom from the grips of evil. Boasting intricately woven scenery and a fantastical world makesTrine the perfect game for players at all levels. The highly-acclaimedTrine won Gaming Nexus' "Game of the Year" award in 2009.

Jack Claw Prototype

Jack Claw is a prototype game developed by Frozenbyte. Although it is an unfinished project, Frozenbyte is also including the editor, assets and source code in the Humble Weekly Sale. Experiment with the amazing extended claw by swinging objects around and generating mayhem!

Shadowgrounds Survivor

Shadowgrounds Survivor is the sequel to the intensive and fast-paced shooter Shadowgrounds and turns up the action with three playable characters and the introduction of RPG elements. Stranded on Jupiter's moon and overwhelmed by the alien hordes inhabiting the surface, you must shoot your way out if you hope to escape alive. Shadowgrounds Survivor features the same high-tech weaponry, but with added features like a sentry turret and napalm flame, so you can kill these ghastly aliens in style.

Trine 2: Complete Story

Immerse yourself in brilliantly rich graphics and a wondrous magical world in this side-scrolling action-puzzle platformer. You’ll need to make use of a wizard, a thief and a knight and their unique abilities in order to complete puzzles and defeat enemies in Trine 2: Complete Story. Play by yourself and toggle between all three characters, or play with up to two other friends in co-op mode.

all includes soundtrack as well! so hurry get em before they are gone @

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The transcend : touching ghost movie

Just thought of giving a go on local movie for this year, and behold, The Transcend is one of the underdog ghost movies which strife its best to portray Malaysian superstitions take on ghost.

 It's about a writer trying to be inspired to write proper ghost stories prior to his failure on his first book which didn't get much attention during its launch. His pal which is close enough to be his brother made a bet with him to write a better ghost story. Both of them went to stay over at some home which are Taoist practitioner for the deceased where they handle funeral rituals.

As days goes by the main character tries ways to enable his 3rd eye into seeing the spiritual beings among us and that's where his journey starts. Malaysian movie goers will feel comfortable with some of the corny local jokes as well from time to time in this movie.

Early in the movie, it was quite cheesy and stiff acting but warmly welcome of local dialects of our Malaysian Chinese style of conversation. As the movies flows into latter part, it dampers down the stiffness of the cast and makes you more engaged with the other casting members that are in dilemmas.

The shock horror dies down when the main actor got used on his 3rd eye ability and with a twist, the whole show turned out to be a touching ghost stories where the duo the main actor and his female counterpart which he met at the house usher around trying to assist lost souls.

I'm kind of amaze on how the director put in all of our folklore superstitions into the mix where some are now lost in today's generation. eg. putting black dogs tears into one eyes able to see the spiritual realm or balancing on coconut shell in a middle of a cross-way at 12:00AM while looking between your legs.

Something that I learned from this movie is that, Malaysian ghost are afraid of PDRM!!! HAHA, that cracks me up whenever it happens.

Overall its a very enjoyable ride for me to have a go on this local movie and was quite impressed on the story line minus some stiff acting from the cast. The scare factor was there at the early movie segment but dies down quickly into a more of a ghost sobbing stories. 7/10 please do support our local director, James Wong to churn out more quality stories which we all can relate to.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PSA: Hacking Unifi Router !! Vulnerabilities

UniFi users beware!! Just recently discovered that our default UniFi router mainly the D-LINK model DIR-615 is very open for this nasty exploit.

Thanks to an avid tech blogger keithrozario manage to share this issue , I'm just ensuring that it gets to more masses to know that our internet connections is not that safe after all, thanks to your main ISP so called tighten security..meh..

searching victims

Using the web called, a simple registering on it, searching based on our D-Link model gets us access remotely to an unfortunate UniFi user's router login page, and with the default password our ISP has pre-defaulted in all of D-Link router.

Hacked into some random UniFi user login page

Below is a guide on how to see the exploit in action.
Details of the hack:
1. To access the password page the appendage is /model/__show_info.php?REQUIRE_FILE=/var/etc/httpasswd

2. To search for Dlink Routers on Shodan the query is Mathopd/1.5p6 country:MY

This isn't abut stealing/unauthorized access to others' wifi. It is about gaining admin access to your router and change configuration of your router.
For example, they can:
- change ur wifi SSID and put some stupid names to embarrass u.
- change ur DNS server to their own DNS server and direct traffics to the website they want.
- directing u to fake websites to steal passwords.

The appendage of /model/__show_info.php?REQUIRE_FILE=/var/etc/httpasswd needs to be highlighted as it is very vulnerable if u using the dlink router and open ur wifi access to people, especially businesses using unifi to provide free wifi access to customers. If someone able to access ur wifi, they can do the things listed above.

Default UniFi TM D-Link 615 passwords:-
Username: Management
Password: TestingR2

Username : operator
Password : h566UniFi

Username : operator
Password : telekom

Username : operator
Password : <your Unifi username in reverse order>

username : admin
Password : <blank>

username : admin
Password : admin

So boys and girls, be aware on this and, either change all the default passwords, or just get a aftermarket router which supports UniFi.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Manage to get free screening of the movie on 30th Dec 2013, It's a Ben Stiller movie why not? looking at the trailer which was pretty much fun stuff which reflects pieces of life. +The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Story goes of Walter Mitty which likes to daydream a lot. Too much in fact he zone out for awhile in real life. Trying to hook up with a a new colleague Cheryl played by Kristen Wiig.

Things went sour when his job is at stake when a business transition of his day job in LIFE magazine is moving from hardcopies to paperless online version. Too add more to the mess, his good pal  photojournalist, Sean O' Connell send him a the final negative for him to process for the final print out of the magazine goes missing.

This is where his mis-adventures begins, where he took his step into tracking down Sean O' Connell over beautiful landscapes of Greenland, Ice land and the Himalayas.

The first 30 minutes of the movie was quite a hype where all his make believe was so ridiculously out of this world. From saving a 3 legged dog, to surfing the streets of New York. But it all toned down, after facing reality on his adventures which somewhat leaving me puzzle if it was all in his head to begin with.

His adventures itself may looked like part of his daydreaming scheme however at least it did pushed him out of his comfort zone at least where taking risk in life is part of the journey. The scenery in the movie really promotes both Greenland, & Iceland (hey, I've always wanted to visit either one of em)

However, the story left me with a bitter taste on the relationship between a single man and a divorced mother which didn't give me a good sight on any moral value, maybe its more accepted towards our current society today. Aside from the relationship, the whole story was about seeking something that is so far away , yet it was all the time right under your nose.

Story wise, it was a slow paced but at the rightly manner, however I don't see how much of the snippets in life can this movie be drawn out from my point of view. 4/10 IMHO but  +2 for the calm, untouched scenery of the country.

fetish for legs

A week of new year hangover.....

Recently been doing some random surfing, as well as random chatting and to my amaze, there are some people that have this feet fetish, normally middle eastern people. gosh, although I do adore those long well toned legs, but having a fetish for it is a no no.

What caught my attention for today was a music single by Ken Ashcorp titling Absolute Territory. Pretty much its a music about a run down on ... legs below is the meaning beyond the title of the song.

Absolute Territory (or Zettai Ryouiki 絶対領域) details the area of the thigh between the skirt and the sock. It has been said that this mysterious and dangerous area is a magnet for male gaze... 

Its pretty a catchy tune, with a little attitude towards it. Kinda weird if you are reading up on the lyrics haha. Anyway look up on his other cool singles too, this would be my this week music drive.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year !!!

Happy new year folks!

Out with the old and in with the new fresh 365 days. So many things to be looking forward into this year. Movies, technology, toll hikes, fashion, bla bla bla and the list goes on. Stay safe , take a taxi if ya drinking and have a blast !!!! cheers