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The Basic Diet

Food should be as fresh as possible and organically grown, if possible.  Cook all food except raw dairy products, which are excellent foods and best eaten in the raw state.  Humans do not seem to be capable of extracting enough minerals from raw salads or raw fruits, so I would avoid them.  They are also often unclean and laden with bacteria, viruses and parasites.  They are also too yin in Chinese medical terminology.

Fast & Furious 7 but slow reviewed

So being a slowpoke, I've dragged my self to watch FAST7 the seventh movie of the franchise of the fast & furious series.

Story left off on the previous series where bad guy,  Owen Shaw has been hospitalized, and a crazy opening scene of his older brother Deckard Shaw played by none other than action guy, Jason Statham resolving on avenging his brother. With the gun-blazing , and close combat sequence in the opening time frame, I'm sure it will be one hell of a ride...

More crazy non-stop actions...checkedExplosions.... checkedmama chitas... checkedSenseless car physics stunts...checked

The movie kinda takes on how Dom's wife tries to recover from her memory lost from the beginning to the end of the movie. Trying to squeeze in some real family related matters where Brian (the late Paul Walker) is trying to fit himself into an ordinary dad and keeping himself from harms way. Sadly the family buildup was washed down with the whole bad guy vengeance thingy against Dom'…

Dog Breed Chart

This is a chart of dog breeds created by designer David McCandless that ranks the breeds by popularity and an overall data score consisting of intelligence, integrity, ailments, cost, grooming and appetite.

Star wars: Force Awaken Trailer stills

Just some nice still I've cropped out from the latest Star wars force awaken trailer by J.J. Abrams which did a recent reboot on Star Trek :D enjoy!

Batman v Superman Trailer

Oh boy, just seen a few sought after movies for this and next year..... .

From the director Zack Synder with notable movies such as 300, watchman & sucker punch (the man of steel was pretty let down a little)

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016.

The aging process of asian women


Bacon Mac n Cheese Galore!!

So over the weekend, I tried to do dinner for my family at home, so what more would fill up em tummy with a good old mac n cheese.

A fit and healthier me

One of this year resolution for myself was to be fit, and since I've pretty much retired from the Long Distance Running scene, I've set my goals for a time period of 1 month beginning from the month of April 2015.

From this 10th day onwards, I had 5 major key component I've learnt to be carried forward for my future mindset activities.

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Why do people smoke. Lets see... release stress? "the in-thing"? machoness ? habits ? This are all the implication we can think off. Being once where I was one too, as an experience, it's a little of all those mention mixed like a little cocktail.

Yes, indeed it's blatantly bad for health, but what make a smoker ticks? Even with government enforcing by stamping those hideous pictures of the affect of inhaling 4000 different kinds chemicals. This does not stop a smoker to put a stick into their mouth for a puff.

A smoker told me "that picture is bullcrap, people has been smoking for ages and dont see any drastic affect as to the picture preaches" I highly agree to that too, the picture is just too much to warn off smokers.

anyway there isn't any end to this dilemma but for those who are curious to try it. the a piece of advice, don't get hooked on it.