Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conversation pt.2

and then... this happened

Something awesome happen today while jogging

Yeap, surprisingly i met him during my 8th lap around my field, i know him cause he was my Bahasa Malaysia tuition teacher's son during Secondary School days. And he is consider one of the best local DJ together with Simon Lee, More details you can lurk their site at http://www.simonleeandalvin.com/

what I have been doing in office..

4 nothing..

Friday, December 2, 2011


Insomnia strikes again.

no idea why i cant sleep. Maybe because i had got too much energy to spare? probably skipping jogging was bad idea.

Or just too much thing going on my mind right now which makes me feel restless.

Gonna try counting imaginary sheeps to sleep.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thank god :)

gonna post short thoughts each day i guess..

Seriously stress out, but thank god that i jogged today which cleared my mind and now im just seriously tired about thinking.. so i guess i'll sleep early.

Ignorance is bliss , learn it :D

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Why does one get this kinda symptom? is it a mere emotional changes between your mental state of mind thinking and your rational behavior mix into one. Or maybe, it is just how certain humans are born is such way that, they will have this strong sense of action...

Let's take a few steps back to overview such doing and figure out why does it occurring on daily basis. First of all, when someone is in need of that certain object, he/she will find his/her way into obtaining it. This is good to understand that, most of us pretty much don't realize how much of an obsession person we are till we actually sit down a moment to review our intentions.

To me, obsession is quite on the verge of being negative attitude and emotion forward. greed, possessiveness, jealously, envy, selfish and a few others comes into my mind. Even if there are still all the bad sides of its wheel of nature, I do find a small quantity value of determination.

So for others, what do you think obsession means to you ?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Time of Failure....

I cannot express how much rage I have for this movie. Before that, let me wish all my Indian friends as well those around the world a merry Deepavali, may you have lotsa murukus and mutton curry.

My expectation for this movie thought it was gonna be a good sci-fi flick. It was a total let down, with corny acting by Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. Movie started off with people trying to live their lives within their giving time. Their digital clock on their left arm starts ticking when they hit puberty (age 25) which they don't aged from then on till their clock runs out of time.

The whole movie is does not give you a plot, well it does but very much like the classic robin hood type of heist where both of the main cast robs from the rich and gives to the poor and of course their currency was:- time. The whole plot of the story was very straight forward about catching fugitive with out any twisting mind blowing sense of direction. Seem like the director just wants to focus on the main story about the power of time and how the rich remain so called immortal and where the poor dies due to out of time or like what the movie called it "Timed out"

Pretty much my last paragraph sums up the plot of the story where they keep doing it after robbing from one of the main cast's rich tycoon dad. Seriously, this movie does not make any sense. I thought they would at least explain how they was giving such genetic modification to giving them those digital clocks on their skin. Sadly that left us viewers hanging.

Not even Olivia Wilde's death in the movie can save it, (so little screen time for her) I wished the director should had let her be the heroine instead of a side cast which timed out.

Lets keep this sort, since elaborating this movie review keeps me on the edge of raging more.

Summary:- If you have extra change to waste, please do not waste it on this movie instead get a nice Starbucks drink instead. 3/10 is my verdict for this movie. Never in my entire life that I watched a nonsense movie.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finally ... the country down under...

firstly do mind me if my posting is a whole wall of text....currently on my trusty n900 posting today. As I am typing this out, I'm actually on the road with my colleague making our way downunder. Yeap, that's right.. the land of Phua Chu Kang and ranked the 35th in the world for chili crabs.(yet to try it out)

So lurkers might be wondering what the heck is he going there for? the answer: work. Staying overnight first at Thristle hotel and the next day to customer data centre for fax solution, faxcore server deployment and configuration. Maybe if time permits, I could blog abit on the hotel (it's the second time around lodging there). The customer is a financial insitute corporate, (hint:- the logo has a tiger on it) .

Fast forward, weather wasn't on our side where it was scattered rains here and there. The hotel room wasn't over impressive and not to bad. But a few ranting would go to the hard latex pillow we had furthermore a leaking shower.

So our journey begin the follow day to Singapore, my colleague had to drop me off first at some Data center before venturing off for his business meeting. The best moment was, we totally forgotten to had breakfast before zooming into the country and with god mercy, we had only 7 SGD.

The building opposite the data center was a small cafeteria, so we popped over to have a quick breakfast, Nes-ICE + chicken pao which sums up to about 6.80 SGD. We talk to ourselves stating the obvious like we are very poor buggers in the land of Merlion.

Anyway, my colleague left and I was off to the Data Center. Was greeted with another System Engineer guy and to my amazed they had those retina scan to enter their office... like seriously.... those sci-fi movies with high clearance access with those eye scans.

Off to the staging room where I installed the fax card with a breeze and thought that installation of FaxCore would go around 30-45 mins. However that wasn't the case, the installation was interrupted with a dreaded failure of creating some SQL table on the pre-install SQL on the OS.

With the help of the staff for providing me their USB Singtel 3G dongle, I've manage to search the root cause. It was actually, multiple installation of SQL in different drives, (I've notice multiple folders in C drive as well as D drive) therefore the registry of the SQL installation left a previous configuration trace which does not resolved its path for some data log.

A quick lurking around the web brought me to a KB of Microsoft which helped me in fixing this issue http://support.microsoft.com/kb/836873. Of course I used the manual way, since i know my way around registry editor.

This pretty much drag the installation time to an additional 1 hour which was not what I expected.

After completing, we rushed back to our hotel for a quick rest and the following day my colleague had a last minute appointment. As for me? yea i just laid back in the hotel room killing my time resting. Haha... consider a day break from work...

We hit home on 21st October where it was my first time driving a Harrier back 100KM with fuel gauge at E. Boy that was pretty nerve wrecking ride when it was heavy downpour plus no gas station for about 10-20 mins when the E was blinking.

Oh well, summary Singapore is a clean place to be but for a holiday spot for me would not be a favorable place for me.

Next weekend I will be on my getaway trip to Macau + Hong Kong. Hope I have the time to put up some photos.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Real Steel Slow update

Greetings my fellow lurkers, seems I've been caught up with work and many excitements in life. Anyway back to blogging the living crap of of my life. I'll post up some of my review of the many big screen movies I've watched and the games that I recently purchased.

Firstly, with out further a due yesterday I get to watch the movie Real Steel.

The build up the story unfolds when Charlie Kenton founds out that his long lost 10 years GF had kicked the bucket, leaving him with a son that is 9 to 10 years old.

Max Kenton: I'm 11 !!!

Anyway the character that Hugh Jackman is playing a no good, hard headed father which doesn't much care much for the well being of his son. He still shows some affection when he did gave his son a burrito. ( I like how movies give out small hints to think about the relationship between father and son as the movie unfolds)

I won't give spoilers for the movie too much. But it's been awhile where movies took me for a ride of my time. My expectation for this movie was supposed to be an all out gruesome machine battle royale, however it was not the case. For me, I personally dived into both father and son role in the movie and thought it was pretty late for a good movie which should be launched for Father's day occasion.

The fight scenes really caught me to my cinema chairs with a well good display of CGI effects adding up with the raw sheer sound of metallic punches. Pretty impressed with the overall presentation.

As for story wise, it's like daddy trying to work his way back from its debt while handling his kid for a duration of time before his foster parents come back from a cool holiday trip. Of course there is money involved. Charlie worked his way up from failures and finally work together with his 9 to 10 year old kid in mini arena fights which then leads em to WRB league Robot together with a robot that his kid found in a scrap metal yard. (Max Kenton: I said I'm 11!! ) .

But the whole story actually develops between father and son relationship. Thus saying the robot, A.T.OM. was actually a shadow image of Charlie life if viewers can think of it that way, then the whole movie would be more meaningful. I must say, the director is very brilliant if making me think of it that way since it was excellent subliminal message of feeling that the robot was actually Charlie's past life and the life that it is going to be.

As for the finale scene, it was a very realistic good ending with some emotional moments with nice camera panning between the son and his dad.

Also not to forget, there will be an upcoming sequel for Real Steel, and this might be on my to-watch-list. And I notice they heavily or purposely adding ADS for major companies in a few scene. Probably marketing strategy or maybe co-sponsor for the Robot parts and communication gizmo which is in the movie.

Summary: I would recommend people watching this movie, but not your average B-grade movie where you just munch on popcorn and straight up plot. There are a few hidden agenda of a movie which pretty much touched me. As a verdict i would rate this movie a 8/10

P/S: not to forget the game which is on both xbox live and PSN.. it didn't quite attract me tho since I was hoping for it to be cell-shaded but unfortunately not.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Channel Sales Manager?!!??!

It is almost 3 years working in Dynatel Sdn Bhd . And suddenly I get to change from System Engineer to Channel Sales Manager.

At first I was like, Oh.. yeah... then WAIT WHAT?!?!?? anyway to cut long stories short, I'm so called got promoted. Before proceeding let me briefly explain what does my company do.

Company Background:-
DYNATEL SDN BHD is a locally incorporated company whose activities are inclined towards the information, communications and technology industry that is stimulating productivity and forming the main thrust for economic growth regionally and globally.

DYNATEL’s core business is in the provision of total integrated solutions to corporate users for their
voice, video and data information and communications needs, both within a local area as well as a wide area environment.

We believe in, and practice quality in every aspect of our work and strengthen our organizational management by investing in information technology and constantly upgrading our skills through the process of self-learning and participation in external training programs.

  • Establish since year 2000.
  • Specialized in Document Processing and Automation solution
  • Consist of versatile people with vast knowledge on Document Solutions
  • Presence in Asia

So in short we just providing solution like workflow, fax solution and not to forget DMS.

My first sales presentation for our fax solution is coming up on the 14th of October 2011 to one of the top corporate in Malaysia which acquires import and distribution rights to some of the best brands in the automobile industry. Oh boy I can't wait...

In the world of RIFT~~~

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog, not like anyone cares about it. Anyway during my absence was due to a MMORPG that I was playing since May this year till September 2011.

Yes I was so hooked up that, I've neglected my duties on posting news and what not.....

But what made me realized was that I've hit the end-game content over the 5 months and it was no longer a fun game to play. I've completed both end-game PVE and also PVP as far as your single player capabilities could offer. What really put me off is the content progression of the endgame raids. It only resets once a week, and there is only 3 20-man raids content. Considering the existing guild that I've joined only raid those 3 instance 3 days in a week.

Anyway goodbye RIFT since it was more of a chore to log into it and run guild raids which is taxing for both mentality and time.

I can't argue that,

- Yes it's a pretty well made MMO
- Yes it's a WoW Clone (pretty much a norm for more MMO's now of days.)
- Pretty much hectic and fun till you maxed out factions reputation, PVP ranking and fully geared with out guild raids.

So bon voyage RIFT. I'll just sit back chillax till Diablo III hits before the end of the world cometh. :D

Here is my other blog/tumblr which I've hooked up my journey from the start to the end of my game time in RIFT.