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In Time of Failure....

I cannot express how much rage I have for this movie. Before that, let me wish all my Indian friends as well those around the world a merry Deepavali, may you have lotsa murukus and mutton curry.
My expectation for this movie thought it was gonna be a good sci-fi flick. It was a total let down, with corny acting by Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. Movie started off with people trying to live their lives within their giving time. Their digital clock on their left arm starts ticking when they hit puberty (age 25) which they don't aged from then on till their clock runs out of time.
The whole movie is does not give you a plot, well it does but very much like the classic robin hood type of heist where both of the main cast robs from the rich and gives to the poor and of course their currency was:- time. The whole plot of the story was very straight forward about catching fugitive with out any twisting mind blowing sense of direction. Seem like the director just wants to focus …

Finally ... the country down under...

firstly do mind me if my posting is a whole wall of text....currently on my trusty n900 posting today. As I am typing this out, I'm actually on the road with my colleague making our way downunder. Yeap, that's right.. the land of Phua Chu Kang and ranked the 35th in the world for chili crabs.(yet to try it out)
So lurkers might be wondering what the heck is he going there for? the answer: work. Staying overnight first at Thristle hotel and the next day to customer data centre for fax solution, faxcore server deployment and configuration. Maybe if time permits, I could blog abit on the hotel (it's the second time around lodging there). The customer is a financial insitute corporate, (hint:- the logo has a tiger on it) .

Fast forward, weather wasn't on our side where it was scattered rains here and there. The hotel room wasn't over impressive and not to bad. But a few ranting would go to the hard latex pillow we had furthermore a leaking shower.
So our journey begi…

Real Steel Slow update

Greetings my fellow lurkers, seems I've been caught up with work and many excitements in life. Anyway back to blogging the living crap of of my life. I'll post up some of my review of the many big screen movies I've watched and the games that I recently purchased.
Firstly, with out further a due yesterday I get to watch the movie Real Steel.

The build up the story unfolds when Charlie Kenton founds out that his long lost 10 years GF had kicked the bucket, leaving him with a son that is 9 to 10 years old.
Max Kenton: I'm 11 !!!

Anyway the character that Hugh Jackman is playing a no good, hard headed father which doesn't much care much for the well being of his son. He still shows some affection when he did gave his son a burrito. ( I like how movies give out small hints to think about the relationship between father and son as the movie unfolds)

I won't give spoilers for the movie too much. But it's been awhile where movies took me for a ride of my time. M…

Channel Sales Manager?!!??!

It is almost 3 years working in Dynatel Sdn Bhd . And suddenly I get to change from System Engineer to Channel Sales Manager.

At first I was like, Oh.. yeah... then WAIT WHAT?!?!?? anyway to cut long stories short, I'm so called got promoted. Before proceeding let me briefly explain what does my company do.

Company Background:- DYNATEL SDN BHD is a locally incorporated company whose activities are inclined towards the information, communications and technology industry that is stimulating productivity and forming the main thrust for economic growth regionally and globally.
DYNATEL’s core business is in the provision of total integrated solutions to corporate users for their voice, video and data information and communications needs, both within a local area as well as a wide area environment.
We believe in, and practice quality in every aspect of our work and strengthen our organizational management by investing in information technology and constantly upgrading our skills through …

In the world of RIFT~~~

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog, not like anyone cares about it. Anyway during my absence was due to a MMORPG that I was playing since May this year till September 2011.

Yes I was so hooked up that, I've neglected my duties on posting news and what not.....

But what made me realized was that I've hit the end-game content over the 5 months and it was no longer a fun game to play. I've completed both end-game PVE and also PVP as far as your single player capabilities could offer. What really put me off is the content progression of the endgame raids. It only resets once a week, and there is only 3 20-man raids content. Considering the existing guild that I've joined only raid those 3 instance 3 days in a week.

Anyway goodbye RIFT since it was more of a chore to log into it and run guild raids which is taxing for both mentality and time.

I can't argue that,

- Yes it's a pretty well made MMO
- Yes it's a WoW Clone (pretty much a norm for mor…