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Project #42km

This year i've finally manage to took a feat which I always dreamed off, taking a full marathon event.

What is a full marathon ? its 42.195kilometer run which usually takes 6 hours or lesser to complete it. Thats like the distance from my house to Kuala Lumpur by foot.

Well today is my 3rd day of training. The sad part ever since I've enrolled to this event, my mom and girlfriend was very unsupportive. Seriously? from the two most person I love in this world and yet they pull me down straight away from my capability. How disspointing.

Yet to the few which was on my facebook page they been quite supportive and gave me motivation to persue this event :) god bless you guys and many thanks.

my 1st day of training was a short 7km run around my neighbouring field.

and yesterday was my 2nd day with an extra 1.5km to my previous run. Seriously it wasn't easy, the after effects from the 1st day soreness really demotivated me in doing my 2nd day run.

However with a do or die percep…